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       Master  RUMA






“God always exists within us but our permanent ignorance, prejudice and habits prevent us from hearing the Sound and seeing the Light. Therefore, we need a Master who can help drive away the mental darkness shadowing our inner wisdom for generations”


                     Master RUMA lectured online in Florida, the United States, on 2 July 2006








       “A Master never takes anything from all beings because He has everything already. He neither sets up any sect nor interferes with current religions. He just brings peace and immense love to enable human beings break free from their ignorance, seek for the lifetime liberation way, return to God and gain comfort and bliss”.


                                           Master RUMA lectured online in Florida, the United States, on 2 July 2006





Master Ruma has been living far away from His home town since His childhood. He studied Vietnamese by Himself through books on Buddhism in the United States by reading prayer books and learning words at the same time. Even though His Vietnamese speaking is not fully fluent, His plain and literal words have become the Knowledge of Truth. Each of His words contains enormous Support, profound Wisdom and great Love of Buddha, Bodhisattva and God.

He is a private person, hence, seldom speaks about Himself. However, it is His disciples’ sincerity that encouraged Him to devotedly share His experiences in the practice life with them. At requests of disciples everywhere, we have collected all of the information about Him and presented below in the hope that this would be a small gift for those craving to know more about the spiritual study process of a living Master.


Master Ruma neither set up new religion nor interfered with current ones. He usually told his disciples to focus on their practice, not to meddle in others’ business and first and foremost, not to sow religious division. He advised all of his disciples to live modestly, preserve the purity of their Body – Speech - Mind and always remember that the supreme goal of their being is to identify their greatness. He always reminds everyone: “Be a good citizen, maintain an ethical lifestyle, bring into play the nation’s tradition and culture, constantly commemorate ancestors’ merit and retain their religious beliefs permanently”. He simply used the method of deep religious meditation and self-improvement to help us develop our internal serenity and happiness and free us from the current incarnation. He said: “Every living being was born with Buddha Nature”. He came to remind us of the noble Buddhist Nature inside us and to show us the way back to the “Primitive House” that we had forgotten eternally.

 He lives very modestly and has His own rules. He keeps to them strictly and always reminds His disciples to respect and follow what He recommended. The rules are very simple. He neither takes anyone’s offerings nor involves in the businesses of other religions. Also, neither does He establish nor organize His own sect.

The Master treats everyone with sense of love and modesty, clearing the gap between Him and His disciples. He always regards them as His closespiritual friends and welcomes those coming to him regardless of religions, beliefs and social classes. He simply uses love and the method of deep religious meditation to help us find the peace of mind and practice for life liberation.

The compilation of this book were assisted and supported by those sincerely wishing to share The Knowledge of Truth with those naturally coming to the Right Dharma. The images and words shown in the book are full of God’s favor and Master Ruma’s support. All rights are reserved and under no circumstances shall any parts in this book be printed or modified without the acceptance of Master Ruma and the publisher.

We, disciples, would like to express our sincere reverence and great gratitude to Master Ruma, who has brought us deep-meaning words of Wisdom and warmed our souls with His tremendous Love.


We sincerely wish that thanks to Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and the Supreme God, we would be close to Him to learn His Forgiveness and Wisdom to be able to self-release and do well to all beings.



Board of Editors






     Master Ruma was born in a family embracing traditional Buddhism in Vietnam in a painful historical period of the country. His parents were hard-working labourers, who tried their best, in the troubling times, to preserve moral disciplines and family traditions and bring up their children.


It is His maternal grandfather who had the most influence on Him and His goals of life. The grandfather was not only a religious practitioner always preserving Buddhist ethical disciplines but also a martial arts instructor of knightly virtue.  He gave the Master first lessons about bravery, compassion and humanity. Before passing away, he told his descendants not to dent things he had been creating and defending. Up to now, the Master has never forgotten his grandpa’s last will and constantly follows his example in maintaining lifestyle, morality and mutual love and worshipping Buddha - Bodhisattva.


As a child, He was so broken-hearted to witness His compatriots being slaughtered in cold blood in the wartime and suffering hopelessly from horrible woes. The dull pain made Him a reticent boy, hiding His feeling all the time. Nevertheless, His relatives, friends and teachers all loved Him, a good-natured, compassionate and helpful boy.


     His childhood intimate was the sister who is just a few years older than Him. She constantly comforted Him whenever He was sad and was asked such baffling questions as “Who am I? Where am I from? Why do human beings exist in this world? Why is there human misery? Why don’t they love each other? Why do human beings die after arriving in this world? Where will they be after death?” Such questions are too challenging for a little boy to answer.


     At the age of 12, Master Ruma left Vietnam for the United States in an unfortunate across-the-ocean voyage. In the open sea, He again had to witness brutal robberies and killings. Having no way around to escape from extreme misery and fright, all the survivors resorted to praying under their breath for Buddha and Bodhisattva’s help. Too frightened and thirsty, He fainted in those moving prayers. In His dream, He met Bodhisattva, surrounded with bright Halo. Bodhisattva came to Him to protect Him and fed him with drops of ambrosia. Recovering consciousness, He still felt her deep love and upon arrival, it was surprising that His thirst was quenched naturally. No sooner had he rejoiced than another pain came: the sister died.


     His little heart could not stand such extreme pain. Much later, whenever thinking of it, He still felt His heart aching. From then on, He has been resolved to practice vegetarianism and His ambition to seek for liberation road emerged vehemently.


     Living in the liberal United States, He gained a comprehensive educational background and enjoyed adequate facilities and love like many other children. However, the childhood shocks always made Him feel lonely and empty. Such feeling was shown in scores of poems he wrote during the period:


     “Mom, I sympathise with Vietnamese people,

Having no way around their lifetime pain

Dying pitiably in the deep and open sea

I was resigned to be far away from you because I love you”


     At high school in Massachusset, He wrote many articles and poems on vegetarianism and practice ideals such as “Human beings should be on vegetarian diets” and “Searching for freedom way”, drawing His teachers and friends’ attention. It was because He was the only Vietnamese in His school. Also, He was young, good-natured, vegetarian and much more grown-up than His peers.


     At weekends, He used to perform good deeds at a nearby pagoda. His teachers and friends at high school and disciples at the pagoda all loved Him for His industriousness, self-respect and extraordinary nature. They often covertly called him “the Great Venerable Master” although His mother did not like it. Her motherhood gave her a feeling that sooner or later He would be far away from her since He would run at the call of His heart.

The more grown-up He became year by year, the more clearly He knew that no matter where human beings reside, no matter what blood origin and race they belong to, they share common woes. Meeting with people from different social classes enabled Him to realize that not only the poor but the affluent had utmost misery and deadlock. From His poems during the period, there, surprisingly, was no room for pessimism and hatred deep inside the boy Ruma’s heart even though He had to experience loneliness and disappointment and witness brutal killings. On the contrary, His soul was full of compassion and sympathy for unlucky people in this impermanent life.


     He did everything possible to help those in trouble with all of the knowledge and ability of an adolescent then. Although He himself had a comfortable life in all aspects, He was willing to do any kind of job to improve His income so as to alleviate others’ difficulties. After school, He industriously did such kinds of jobs as growing cabbages, washing dishes, cleaning or taking care of rich families’ stables. The earned money was spent on philanthropic work or aids to natural disaster-struck areas like the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. The small remaining chunk was for His independent practice life as He did not want to ask for help from His family with deep belief that asceticism would enable him to find the Knowledge of Truth soon to save all beings from misery.


     Familiar with the two major religions, Buddhism and Catholicism, from childhood, He had favourable conditions to study their tenets. As a result, he came to know that the Masters of the past like Sakyamuni Buddha and Jesus discovered the same Truth and taught the same lessons. It is the method of Sound and Light, calling for human souls to return to their “original house” and God to get out of the birth-death cycle.


     But where is the ultimate Truth? His wisdom brought Him to a conclusion that: Misery did not result in enlightenment, the Truth described in Buddhist books could not be found in them. Only a living Master could show Him the spiritual way, the path to the Knowledge of Truth that the two Masters left in their tenets.


“I desire to find a competent Master to help    me release

All beings!

I am resolved to find the method

After being released from these shackles

I am resolved to devote all of my love

I am resolved to devote everything I gain here”


     His desires, shown in many poems, motivated him to go to the Himalayans – the home to all of the Masters from ancient times to present. There, he met an Indian Master and was taught “ The method of the inner Light and Sound meditation”. Having sought for years, he was finally able to feel God thanks to this sacred method, which is known classically in Buddhist sutras as “Esoteric Initiation, outside of the teaching” and only this method can enlighten the Omniscient Knowledge of Truth. His questions were gradually answered:


- All of us are God’s children and arrived in this world with desires to have good souls and to bring His noble Truth to the world.


- Because human beings get lost in their life illusion and run after money, fame and wealth, they are increasingly far away from God and forget their good nature (Buddha Nature and soul); thus, have to suffer from great affliction and always attempt to harm each other.


- The roots of all misery are not outside but inside us. To get away from them, we have to look inward to recognize them. The inner Light and Sound meditation method is the only panacea able to cure this terrible disease. It leads human soul to the sacred world where there is only God, Buddha and Bodhisattva’s love.


- This tremendous love will erase all greed, hatred, misery and fright. Human beings will live in the ocean of love thanks to their mysterious method. It helps them purify their physical body and mentality and progress on the spiritual path back to God.


     He did not want to leave His reverend teacher but had to return home because the citizenship law did not allow those under the adult age to leave their family.


     In the United States, He completed his studies while quietly practicing “the inner Light and Sound Meditation” and never forgot the days when He had a chance to practice with the Indian teacher. He just expected the end of the school year to follow the call of His ideals.


     At the age of 18, despite obstacles, He decided to leave his family to become a Buddhist monk. His parents could not understand why their son felt indifferent to the affluent life he had. Neither could His teachers and friends. He stopped His education despite a bright future ahead. Only God knew and agreed with the way He had chosen.


     He travelled many places, overcame numerous challenges and difficulties, learnt tenets and practiced with many Masters in the West and East Asia and with many friendly religions and meditation groups worldwide. The more He practiced and discovered from experience, the more clearly He was aware of the miracle “the Inner Light and Sound Meditation”, the only method that can save human souls from ties to the material world and find and kill the roots of all beings’ misery.


     The closer He got to the light of Truth, the more determined to reach its utmost He became. During this period also, He faced scores of challenges. In practice groups, there was much argument over the matter of practice and religious conflicts. On the way to reach the utmost of the Truth, He increasingly realized the impermanence of human life, even in groups of religious figures in Buddhism. Human beings become farther and farther away from the Truth as there are more and more religious conflicts and arguments. He himself just desired for the Truth but the more he wanted to protect it, the more obstacles, isolation and painful lessons he got. God did deprive Him of His practice ideals.


     In such challenging times, His fellow-practirioners also prevented Him from seeing His old Teacher again. Feeling extremely lonely, disappointed and discouraged and having no other way to go, He returned to India to look for His old Teacher with the aim of realising His dream of meeting the teacher again and seeking for a support during those difficulties. But he could not find the Teacher despite going to many places in India. Without any ideas of where to go, he stayed in the Himalayans to practice, wishing to meet the Teacher but the dream never came true.


     After that, He returned to the United States, got married and lived at home. With the method in hand, He continued His quiet meditation, hoping to find the peace of life. However, He felt extremely wretched in His mind because He could not break with His noble ideals while the path to the Truth was still far-away. Moreover, pressures and challenges from His fellow-practitioners carried on troubling Him. At last, He and His family decided to lead a secluded life in a village in Florida.


     Having experienced ups and downs, He clearly understood that the happiness of human life is merely the happiness of impermanence. Sakyamuni Buddha once left his well-to-do life to seek for the Truth. However wealthy people are, they cannot reach the perfection and free themselves from the cycle of birth and death. He had wasted too much time living the human life. It was the most valuable lesson in His practice life.


     With strong determination and extraordinary stamina, He left all the bitterness and sorrow behind to return to the Himalayans with a view to discover the utmost of Truth and His life goals. It was a turning point in Master Ruma’s practice life.


     The rat race of human life cannot invade the grand Himalayans with year-long snow-covered mounts. Having overcome all the severity of nature, challenges of time with great patience, God eventually responded to His desire. He met five great old Indian Masters who secluded themselves for years in unfrequented areas to conserve the precious methods of the universe and the love message of God. Only those sincerely longing for the ultimate Truth could had a chance to meet them. The Master understood that all of His misery until then was the consequences of human karmas and the ignorance of all beings. It is such things that prevent them from love and the Truth.


     Human beings pray for happiness but do not know how genuine happiness is and how to reach and hold it. They are forlorn and forget their noble Buddha Nature, thus, God had to request enlightened persons to bring them the Truth and wake them up, freeing them from the dull ignorance.


     Appreciating the noble sacrifice of the Indian Masters, whose egos no longer existed and lives were just for all beings’ happiness, He decided to practice with them for a long time and the light of  Truth did come to him. The inener Light and Sound Meditation method, the God’s Holy, had been leading Him through the limit of space, time and causality to fall in line with the great love of Buddha. The more he meditated, the more noble experience he obtained and the more he saw the miracle of the method, which the Masters in the past had eternally been practicing and reach the peak of the Path to show human beings the liberation way.


     Exploring the Knowledge of Truth in the Himalayans, He came to know that the difficulties God had created so far did help Him progress spiritually and recognize all beings’ great karmas, their permanent ignorance and the importance of the light of Truth for mankind. The Indian Masters placed their entire belief in Him who would bring the love of God and the method of the inner Light and Sound Meditation to all beings. It is the only way to rescue humans from misery and the cycle of birth and death.


     Bidding farewell to His teacher and taking noble mission, He returned to the human life. Having discussed with His family, He began a liberal private life in order to spend more time for His country and the world and continue the ideals of bringing the noble method of the universe to mankind.


     He lives and practices modestly and still fulfils his family duties. Furthermore, He is the spiritual father of His children. They are young but understand their dad’s mission; therefore, they are self-reliant and never feel He is away though he often travels for many days in His own world.


     A part of His income is for His family and the rest is for supporting natural disaster-hit areas and His disciples’ studies. After each trip, He comes back to the United States to continue practicing.


     He usually says that He has a normal life and did endure human hardship and ordeal like everyone else. He also tripped and fell, felt wretched and disappointed and had the same feeling as other people. Having undergone ups and downs as an ordinary person and then a Buddhist monk, He understood a practitioner’s worries and feelings on the path to the Great Wisdom.


     Despite living a modest and private life, He usually receives lecture requests from people longing for love and life release from everywhere. The Master always delightedly shares His Knowledge of Truth with all coming to Him regardless of social positions, education backgrounds, beliefs and religions.


     The Master neither set up new religions nor interfered with current religions in the knowledge that the pinnacle of religion is unique. It is the Right Dharma that enables humans to integrate into the sacred inner Light and Sound method flow of the universe and helps their souls get out of desire and temptation, put an end to misery, reach the Nirvana right in the human world, come back to the Heavenly Kingdom and permanently break away from the three realms cycle.


     In the past, a Master taught his disciples the method of the inner Light and Sound Meditation as long as they had overcome scores of severe difficulties. These days, anyone faithfully wishing for the Dharma and believing in a living Master can have such opportunity. This is a very great favour that God presented humankind in this century. Following the way shown by a great living Master – the meditation of Sound and Light, we will have our presence and soul taken care of by Him forever and until we reach the Truth, the Virtue and the Beauty like lotus retaining its fragrance and beauty in spite of growing in mud. Then, we would live a meaningful life. Wars and natural disasters will be things of the past; meanwhile, peace and love will be things of immortality in people’s life.


     He often says to his disciples that He was very proud to be a Vietnamese and would spend the rest of his life bringing the light of Truth together with the universal love to people in the world, including those in Vietnam, his home country. His Vietnamese lectures on the Truth were translated into many languages throughout the world.


     Master Ruma’s teachings are full of love and sympathy. With His great wisdom, He helps us discover the mysteries of the universe by practicing the Inner Light and Sound method no matter who we are. All of the scientific achievements gained by human beings are just the reflections of our potentials. Only under the instruction of a living Master and practicing the inner Light and Sound Meditation Method, can humans discover their unlimited power.


     He suggests that we should look inward, test those great capabilities by ourselves and receive the support together with the immense love of God, Buddha and Bodhisattva.


     He shows us the way to the beautiful spiritual world which is the origin of our souls, the place we are nourished by the Halo and the Sage Sound of the universe and the place misery and fear for unseen forces no longer exists.


     He helps us become our own prominent Master:

- Bring tremendous love, internal beauty, eternal happiness and values of the Truth, the Virtue and the Beauty to mankind and the world.


- Appreciate every second, every minute while we are alive in this world because all the misery and misfortune are valuable spiritual lessons, helping us progress on the way to the peak of enlightenment.


     Regarding Vietnam, He always thinks of it with deep emotion and desires to devote this utmost method to His hometown as a repayment to ancestors’ favour.


     Please listen to the outstanding lectures delivered by the living Master of our century.


Board of Editors









Master Ruma lectured online in Florida,

 the United States, on 10 August 2006



         Vegetarianism is not something mysterious. One used to think that becoming a vegetarian is difficult but this helps protect their health indeed. Do you know great scientists in the world history? They all took vegetarian meals constantly and realized the necessity of doing so in terms of ethics and health benefits. Occasionally, I read some well-written articles on the era vegetarianism. They proved that vegetarianism was more and more developed and everybody now supported it. They proved that vegetarianism could help develop people’s health and forgiveness. They supplied those wishing to find out about vegetarianism with such materials.


Vegetarianism is healthful because vegetables and cereals contain many nutrients. I have read many scientific reports on this subject. Vegetarians live simple lives and many scientists do take vegetarian meals.


We have learnt that raising pigs or cows and feeding them is a waste of time. People take in meat from those livestock but most of the animal food is from plants. How wasteful it is! Therefore, now we should shift investments away from livestock rising towards vegetable growing which is more beneficial for our life.


I myself think that taking vegetarian meals is the best way to avoid bad habits. They were formed in the society and in our life. When we were children, we did not eat meat. We absorbed bad habits gradually later in our life. Therefore, the most valuable thing for us to do is to take vegetarian meals constantly.


Most Southeast Asians think that only practitioners who leave their family to seek for the Truth and Buddhist followers are vegetarians. That is not the case. I have been living in the United States for a long time and I see that, vegetarianism is very popular among Americans because it is believed to be healthful and able to bring them peace of mind and protect them from sicknesses.


Studies by well-known scientists suggest that American people know vegetarianism is beneficial; therefore, there are many shops selling a kind of food called foreign “nutrition foods”. They are expensive because they have neither animal-related matters nor chemicals and are good for health. This is widely mentioned in newspapers overseas and everywhere. I am sure that some of you here have heard about it.


(The proportion of protein in soy-cake made from soybeans, wheat flour, corn, rice and bean of all kinds is respectively 16%, 70%, 13%, 8.6% and 10-35%. There are many vitamins in fruits and vegetables to ensure our health, protect us from diseases and prolong our lifespan).


Human beings have been accustomed to eating meat-based food but it is their mind habits. They reckon that eating two or three bits of chicken or duck meat does not matter but they do not think their eating habit affects animals’ life. Hence, why don’t we sacrifice a part of our appetite to make those animals more comfortable and less fearful while making our lives more tranquil? When the animals are scared, they produce toxins. When we take them in, they can possibly harm our health.


Vegetarianism is therefore good in both physical and mental aspects. Furthermore, our work is more effective as the foods we eat meet our standards. Nutrients from cereals or vegetables are easily digested, just two or three hours after consuming, thus, the workload of our stomachs is reduced. On the other hand, meat takes a lot of time to be digested and is scientifically proven to affect our health negatively.


I grew up overseas and know that vegetarianism is not related to whether you are a monk or not. Long ago, I lived with an American family, one of them was a vegetarian and the other was not. The vegetarian tended to feel hungry quickly, only several hours after eating. It is because vegetarians’ stomachs do not have to work much and their foods are easily digested; as a result, we are quick to feel hungry. Whereas, meat is slow to be digested and is retained in our body, making us uncomfortable. Consequently, if you want to learn about how nutritious vegetarianism is, you should read well-known articles on this subject worldwide.


Taking vegetarian diet in South East Asia currently is very popular. Every province in our country has vegetarian restaurants and it is the same in other nations. In American schools, children eat little meat. Rather, they prefer cheese pizzas or meatless vegetable-rich foods. Some eat a kind of vermicelli mixed with meat but some never eat meat because they feel uncomfortable and do not feel like it for their stomachs are immature.


Primitively, we, human beings were not carnivorous but speaking about it now is time consuming. You can read more in books and newspapers. For that reason, we feel more satisfied with vegetarianism and friendly with others, even with animals, because we are vegetarians. Thus, we had better learn more about it and those assuming that eating meat are more nourishing than eating on vegetarian diet should read scientific research findings on vegetarianism. They presented their ideas straightforwardly and persuasively and have been making efforts in persuading people to be on vegetarian diet to reduce inhumane animal killings, betraying moral principles.


Because every health researchers, Masters and practitioners explained clearly why we should be on vegetarian diet, I will not speak much about it. Let’s look into our future, if we say that human beings can sustain their lives by using energies extracted from the universe one day, what should we do? Why don’t we eat to be more comfortable? Do you know what I mean?


I remember reading an article written in about 1930 by a human health researcher. I am not sure about the year but it can be easily checked because he is well-known. He opined that vegetarianism could make us disease-free and more lucid. Animals and other beings, moreover, are not terrified when seeing us, they feel comfortable instead. We even love those little animals more. I am sure you know how good vegetarianism is. By the way, from my experience, vegetarians are long-lived.


Not long ago, I read from an online newspaper that Tibet’s Daila Lama said although he was old, he constantly took vegetarian meals to maintain the purity in his mind and build up his forgiveness for all beings. He said from deep inside his heart to let everyone in the world know this. There are many Lamas in Tibet apprehending that vegetarianism has many advantages and can guide them to the peace of mind like what the Daila Lama said. By and large, vegetarian meals’ benefits can be verified by the fact that they are being taken by religious leaders nowadays.


In addition, renowned doctors in the world proved that vegetarianism brings better health and greater wisdom resulting in quicker problem solving ability. Eating vegetarian foods is valuable for our health and mind, which is scientific, not mysterious. In religious leaders’ words, doing so is to nourish affection and forgiveness for animals in our world. For the sake of the environment and for our love, we had better ban destroying and killing animals in our beautiful planet.


Many doctors solely advise their serious patients to eat less meat and more snack food and soup or use cereal flour, etc. to recover. After recovering, though, they forget that it was such food that made them recover quickly. Worldwide, many still think that vegetarian eating is not as beneficial as meat eating or the former is as good as the latter. That is not the case. The benefits of vegetarianism were scientifically proven as you have seen.


Vegetarianism helps us feel comfortable and relaxed. We still feel confident no matter how the trouble is. I bet that anyone once visiting abattoirs dare not eat meat and choose vegetarianism straight away. We eat meat because we do not know how terrible the killed animals feel. I am sure you know. Therefore, vegetarianism is good not only for practitioners but also for us.


No disciple of the great Masters worldwide from ancient times to present has ever eaten meat. On the contrary, they required their disciples to be on vegetarian diet before teaching them. I am no different. Anyone wishing to be long-lived, to be initiated and practicing the Inner Light and Sound Meditation needs to keep vegetarian diet constantly, the prerequisite to start spiritual studies to meet a   Master and have the practicing method to be aware of the Buddha Nature. Besides ethical principle preservation, vegetarianism is also critical because it comforts us. Meanwhile, eating meat does the contrary, thus, prevents us from practicing. For this reason, the only requirement of a Master is just simple like what I have said. Those wishing to practice this divine Method, to meditate everyday and to enhance their Wisdom must stick to their ethical principles and develop their love and forgiveness for animals, even the smallest like ants and crickets, let alone cows, pigs, chickens, etc.


Those wishing to practice this method must  commit to a lifetime vegetarian diet. I do not intend to oblige you but if that is your desire, you had better accept some ethical standard. At least, you must show your love and forgiveness. Don’t you think that a practitioner killing a cow, a pig or a chicken is ruthless? Whether the killing is direct or not does not matter, what does is there is killing, there is cruelty. Hence, I require those desiring to practice this divine Method, to explore the liberation way and to improve their Wisdom and coming to me to be a permanent vegetarian. I do not draw you into my side in order to set up my own sect. Those wishing to live a long life must not eat egg or even just a little meat. Only those prepared for it can study. Eating meat has negative effects on our body. So how can you practice? Moreover, it has a link to our spirit improvement.


Practice requires love and forgiveness and vegetarianism brings comfort. Vegetables and plant-based food protect our health, thus promote our practice and progress. We feel more comfortable and our Wisdom and Spirit develop further. Then our body will be deep in spiritual  meditation, driving misfortunes away and bringing us close to the power of the universe and the love of God thanks to whom we can develop ourselves more rapidly. Not killing even an insect means less worry and more comfort since we show love for all beings and have no worry.


All of the things I have said aims to suggest you eat vegetarian foods and help you find your internal Master, become your own Master, return to your spirit way permanently, enlighten your forgiveness nature. Under no circumstances may you kill animals, even an ant.


We eat on account of our mind habits. Since our birth, we ate whatever we are fed by our parents because either our thinking had not been fully developed or they might have known nothing about spiritual practice and Bibles or deemed that meat was good for our heath. That is not the case.


In most of the countries worldwide, there are many big hospitals, especially in the United States. Whereas, in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian nations, we are so poor that we cannot afford meat, live comfortably and have to use low-quality rice while selling high-quality one. Many buy vegetables and cereals which are very nutritious. The less they eat meat, the fewer diseases they contract. In the United States, meanwhile, the number of hospitals, clinics and cancer patients is much higher than in Southeast Asian countries. How beneficial vegetarianism is!


We have read a lot of articles on vegetarianism, haven’t we? We can conclude that genuine practitioners and Masters are vegetarians because they have love for all beings. They never resort to eating meat. After watching animals being killed, they never want to eat it again. That’s the reason why I opt to be a vegetarian.


Consequently, we, humans, should think and understand this. All Masters in the past and at present have proved that eating habits have a major influence on people’s Spirit improvement. They, as a result, were strict with their disciples when it comes to this matter and required them not to eat meat and drink alcohol. Vegetarianism has been very popular in the East and the West for thousands of years and was referred to by Buddhism, Catholicism and other religions’ followers including those practicing this Divine Method.


All renowned Masters do mention about vegetariasm and say no matter how hard it is, vegetarianism must be sustained. In this era, many people have learnt about its advantages and support it. Vegetarianism has become a civilized movement.  Vegetarian restaurants, moreover, are everywhere and books on animal protection are various.


Needless to say, you already know the requirements to become a practitioner. From ancient times up to now, Masters’ words remain the same.


Those killing animals usually feel uncomfortable. In this competitive life, they do so to satisfy certain demands or to make ends meet but they forget their humanity and ethical principles without notice.


Now they opine that meat eating is more healthful than vegetarian eating but sooner or later they will realize that it is a wrong notion. It is not completely certain that those eating meat would directly lead to disease contraction but they would have health problems. Animals are innocent and deserve our love. We should prove it through practice and action. Fruits, vegetables and cereals are plentiful in nature and tremendously healthful and nutritious. God granted us with love and forgiveness; therefore, we are supposed to preserve it.


In Catholicism, this notion is acknowledged, too. Bible, which I learnt when I was a child, said all living beings live amicably together. Many people still kill animals because they fail to remember it, though.


If we have a well-prepared diet, we will not feel tired or exhausted even though we are ill. We should also avoid wisdom-reducing animal-derived harmful and toxic foods control what we eat to ensure our comfort.


To preserve the noble love and forgiveness, Buddhists and Christians are required not to kill living things, including not to directly or indirectly buy animal products for meals. It would be easier to reach higher Spirit levels as there would be neither pressure nor desire for wealth and such foods in practice


You are advised to try to protect yourself and recommend others to take vegetarian meals to recover comfort and happiness. The happier you are, the more you know. In spite of living in this world in human appearance, Buddha, Saints and Masters own immense power of the universe and Supreme God to explore the way to enlightenment, the liberation, the Truth, the Virtue and the Beauty in order to help others get out of the birth and death cycle and lead them to their Masters or discover their Original Nature, their Buddha Nature, their souls and Gods.


Therefore, vegetarianism does not mean shaved heads or monk life. Everyone is free to widen their dignified love and to take vegetarian meals. Sometimes, we ask Gods to forgive all beings but directly kill others. What are all beings? They are animals, aren’t they? They have their own soul. When we kill them for meat, we are against our prayers, aren’t we? Thus, let’s stop making mistakes. All the time, I myself advise you to be a vegetarian to save the natural resources and the beauty of the universe God gave us and other animals.


This is also the answer to those reckoning that only practitioners are vegetarians and there is no need for vegetarianism unless you are practitioners. This is not the case. We are humans and so are practitioners. We have our dignity but forget it. On the other hand, vegetarianism or not is just a matter of viewpoint which is subject to change. This is a scientific subject because many people have been doing research on diet and health for centuries. 


Advice on vegetarianism has been passed on for generations though the languages are different. Everyone should do it to show their sympathy and love for animals in need of protection. Consequently, if you wish to be a practitioner, you must take vegetarian meals. Otherwise, your Masters will not accept it and neither will your conscience. Your mind is not peace and quiet, either. You had better consider the teachings of such Great Masters as Jesus, Buddha or Bodhisattva. The more you consider, the more you know and the better you are. You are advised to know and try to know it. Those wishing to be initiated also have to apprehend it. The explicit rules. I have mentioned are not religiously compulsory to anyone. I solely wish to bring Love and the Truth to all of you.






Master Ruma initiates sincere people longing to seek the Truth, lifetime liberation. He said: “The Inner Light and Sound Meditation Method is a spiritual meditation method, contemplating on our internal vibrations, listening to the vibrations of our inner sounds. Light and sound are both from God. Light represents enlightenment. Seeing the light in meditation means we are enlightened. The intensity of this light deriving from inside us, is equivalent to that of millions of Suns. Thanks to this inner light and sound, we can communicate with God. You can experience this when you are initiated.


Christian Bible called it Saint’s Word and the Surangama Sutra referred to it as the Immediate Enlightenment Method. These methods enable us to develop our Wisdom and find the way back to the release path. If we study thoroughly, we can see that most of classic religious books from ancient times to now discussed this method.


The Inner Light and Sound method, showing us how to meditate, is very popular in the West. Master Ruma shows you every detail in meditation as well as things to bear in mind in practice. He said: “The goal of the initiation is not to make you become my students but to help you experience the miracles of the spiritual world, recover you Buddha Nature and become your own Master”. He shows us how to go back to the liberation way and achieve our great enlightenment.


He said: “The initiation is very simple, not something secret”. Master Ruma, at the ceremony, instructs you how to meditate so that you can experience the inner light and sound. He takes care of you spiritually. He said: “You will experience it when you meditate thanks to your peace of mind. Even though I am not here, you can still attain the Great Dharma and open your Wisdom Eye, a state known as intuition or immediate enlightenment.


The only requirement in this Method for those having the initiation is that you meditate everyday for a certain amount of time to deepen their initial enlightenment experience and allow you to eventually attain the highest levels of Awakening or Buddhahood for yourself.


He said: “If you endeavor everyday, you will soon attain the enlightenment in this life and realize Buddhas support. Your meditation ability will improve more quickly. On the contrary, the less you meditate, the less enlightenment you have. During meditation, your souls are enlightened by your Master who brings Wisdom to you. If you carry on, you will soon reach the peak of the Way”. When you come to Master Ruma to be initiated, you do not enter any new religion but simply a new lifestyle, a new journey on the Spiritual way to uncover your inner Wisdom.


He once said: “The initiation is by nature not initiation. Indeed, I help you realize your inner greatness. I do not come here to make you become Christians, Buddhists or my disciples. Rather, I would like to help you recover your Buddha Nature and become your own Master.”


As mentioned above, the initiation ceremony is offered free of charge. However, you will be asked to be a vegetarian. A lifetime commitment to the vegetarian diet is a necessary prerequisite for receiving initiation. Besides, you are required to live a humane life, especially not killing animals. After being initiated, you can meditate at home. Disciples and ordinary people can both practice. This method is very helpful for your practice. His goal is to enable you to take care of yourself and get eternal liberation. Anyone can do it providing they sincerely yearn for it.


He often says: “All Saints are perfect. They discovered the liberation way and the great internal power, thus, realized the tremendous love of God. They are absolutely perfect and our perfection is just a half of theirs.


We are hesitant to do everything and overly proud of our achievements. It is because we have not realized our greatness. We do not believe everything was created by God. We live in this world without acknowledging that God let us learn and spot our mistakes, our genuineness and, the fact that God created everything. As soon as we come to know in our mind that we play an important role in this world, we will have initiation. We will be aware of light and sound, will enjoy this world and no longer suffer from misery. God brought us to this world to let us feel His love for all beings and realize His Existence. We are here to clear mistakes of all beings and bring our internal God’s respectability, love and support to them.


Such is our goal in this world. Still, we limit ourselves and deem that not obtaining such noble things is our mistakes. Sometimes we want to get closer to God but our ignorance keeps us from Him. We do not know how and where He is and how to meet Him. Therefore, if we have a living Master, we will know who God is and find our own Master who can guide us through this Quan Yin Method.


We must bear in mind that we already know we are a Saint, a living Buddha and the most respectable Master. I do not aim to baffle you. On the contrary, I will make you see the outcomes from inside yourself. No sooner have you got the initiation than you understand everything.


Initiation is the most important thing in a person’s practice life since it marks the start of a journey back to their internal Primitive Origin. We already know that a living Master is a person chosen to show those sincerely hoping to get out of the doomed cycle how to realize their original appearance and recover the Buddha Nature that they forget for long. He can show you how to become your own Master and sense your immense Wisdom and Love. Indeed, you do not know or already forget that you are a Master. Hence, He comes to bring you God’s messages to wake your internal Master up and help you to meet God. That is the role of a person known as a Master in this world.


The Inner Light and Sound Meditation Method consists of two parts: The first is sensing inner Light and the second is sensing inner Sound.

Classic books such as the Holy Bible, the Lotus Sutra, etc. all mentioned this Method. People in many countries worldwide have known and practiced it. For this reason, there is no need to say much about it. Thanks to the Infinite Love and Power of a living Master and your practice, you can be released from this world. Initiation, in fact, is not something mysterious. It will be explained thoroughly and Master Ruma will show you this method in when you have peace of mind. Thus, it is known as “mind to mind” teaching. He and you just talked to each other so that you can feel comfortable and set all of your worry aside. During the initiation, you can still be aware of your Wisdom even though he is not beside you. This is known as “Immediate Enlightenment”.

The Initiation requires you to be a constant vegetarian and observe the Five Basic Precepts, which are similar to the Ten Commandments in Catholicism. They are:

1. Refrain from taking the life of sentient beings. (including not eating fertilized or non-fertilized eggs)

2. Refrain from speaking what is not true

3. Refrain from sexual misconduct

4. Refrain from taking what is not offered

5. Refrain from the use of intoxicants. This includes avoiding all poisons of any kind, such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, pornography, and excessively violent films or literature.

As long as you are committed to practicing this Divine Method everyday and strictly observe the 5 precepts, you will certainly be liberated for one life.

Master Ruma gives initiation to those faithfully longing for Faith and the Knowledge of Truth and naturally coming to Him. He neither cares about which religion or belief you follow nor prevents you from following your own religion nor interferes with your everyday life. He simply requires you to be a vegetarian and observe the Five Precepts. Those wishing for the initiation do not have to alter their beliefs either. Just believe in your current religion. You do not have to become a member of any new religious groups because He does not set up any of them. He lives modestly like everyone else and basically brings you a practice method, helping recover your Buddha Nature and One’s life liberation. He does not take your money, either. He just carries the message of God, Buddha, Bodhisattva and the Right Method to wake everybody up so that they can realize they are their own Master. He neither requires you to leave your private life behind to follow Him nor attempts to make you his disciples. He arrives with His tremendous Love and helps everyone widely open their great internal Love.

What mentioned above are selected from Master Ruma’s lectures in many places and aimed to give you an overview of the Master, the Inner Light and Sound Meditation Method plus its way to practice.

Board of Editors






A discussion between Master Ruma and Monks

 in Da Lat – Vietnam, April 2006




Master: I saw a lot of verdant coffee plants along the roadsides. They must be natural to temperate climate. Over there, I saw construction work going on. Are you going to have new buildings?


Listeners: Yes, we are. We are building four new Chinese-style pagodas. On their left is Ngoc Hieu temple. Kuan-Yin pagoda is in this direction.


Master: How peace and quiet it is! It is very ideal for practice.


Listeners: Would you please share your practice experience with us?


Master: Well, I return merely to see the beauty of our country. How stunning it is! It’s full of the Truth, the Virtue and the Beauty and the nobility.


Overseas, I am free to travel and practice. It is the same here. Perhaps, practicing here is better because we can recover quickly from sickness thanks to simple treatments, isn’t it? In case of mental troubles, we can meditate, and then receive Buddha’s support and will soon recover. Fantastic!


I had been traveling to many places before becoming a monk, having my head shaved and dressing traditional clothes of a monk. That is just a matter of appearance. I like traveling and once went to India to study more about spiritual knowledge since it is the birth place of Buddha, a school of Masters. But when I came back, they did not allow me to enter to the pagoda despite the fact that I had covered all the costs by myself as I had support from my family. After that, I returned normal hair for travel convenience. Officials in charge of issuing visas often asked those dressing monk clothes about their pagoda’s address, their Masters or their Buddhist association. If I answered, what I said would be wrong but if not, my visa application would fail. So, to avoid possible inconvenience, I just brought a tent with me and went to any country I would prefer. I am not allowed to stay in pagodas; thus, I went to the forest, put up my tent, then mediated, read books and ate a little bread. After a few months, my hair and beard got longer because I had no tool to cut or shave it.


Several days ago in Da Lat, after two days meditating in the mountain, I did not have my beard shaved. Then, some disciples gave me a razor and a small mirror, asking me to have my beard shaved because I looked too old. I took the advice but did not care much about it. Overseas, I also have family and a normal life but I set them aside to focus on practice and seek for my internal nature.


I always pay respect to Masters but I have no intention of showing that I am a practitioner. I just want to be a home monk. All of us have internal Buddha Nature. You have sacrificed your life for practice to bring the Wisdom of Buddhism to all beings. Your voice is very significant to everybody. The conditions for your practice, though, is not sufficient. It’s your disadvantage. Had you had enough room to set up a preach place, our country would be a heaven now and the Golden Age would be soon to come. In foreign countries, it is easy for a Master to set up a preach place and attract hundreds or even thousands of listeners a week. There was a time in the United States when a few thousands of people came to listen to a Daila Laima preaching. Also, whenever Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh delivers a lecture, many people can come to listen.


I just had some here, it’s a pity (smile). I am joking, though. That you live in the mountains here and bring light to help all beings is good enough. It is comparable to Venerable Duy Thuc, who preaches to everybody in the world without going out to lecture. His paintings are the most respectable words about the greatness of a monk. He never says a word, just sitting quietly. Yet, Westerners still come to Him and regard Him as a living Buddha. Sure, He is a living Buddha. He does not say any word at all.


Sakyamuni Buddha once said: “I did not say a word for 49 years”. It is because the Truth cannot be expressed orally. Likewise, Venerable Duy Thuc just used pictures to say about it. He has done much for all people while I am here to say about the greatness of a reclusive monk. As I become more famous, perhaps I have to find another place to preach.


The mountain view here is spectacular and you are so lucky. I have to travel a lot possibly because I am supposed to. Some days ago, I came to Da Lat for holiday. I loved to see pine tree hills there. I laid a nylon carpet and placed some fruits on one side and a bottle of water one the other before starting to read books and meditate. It was very relaxing. 


I have to respect the rules here since when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Could we discuss about spirit here? You must be practicing for many years.


Listeners: Indirectly, we know your method just a little. You and we specialize in mediation. It is a good luck for us to meet each other today. It is also a nice chance for Buddhists here to listen to our exchange about the Truth. We are free to discuss Buddhism but should not discuss politics.


Master: Great! The world is so big that there are many places to go to. I just went to some places selectively. I have a deep love for this place because I lived here for more than ten years, drank its water, ate its food, went on its way and speak its language. I, more or less, owe merits to my Vietnamese ancestors. Consequently, I come here to exchange my viewpoint with you and pray for our country and pray for anywhere I go to. I pray to all Buddhas from ten directions for all places in our country in the past, at present and in the future and for all places in the world.


I have been meditating for years. At the age of 15 or 16, I started practicing with an Indian Master who came to the United States to preach. He did it on behalf of His Master. Then, I visited my Master to find that His Master could not travel to preach because of weak legs, constraining him in the cave all the time. He had my Master represent Him and go to everywhere to preach. I visited my Master one more time in the Himalayans to explore my origin. Afterward, I returned to family life, secluding myself from normal life to practice. I also meditated with other friendly religions like all of you here.


This Method is known as the Inner Light and Sound Meditation, enables us to find out the one life liberation way, our great power and the Buddha Nature which we forgot due to our ignorance. Buddha said: “I have become a Buddha, you all will be Buddha.” But for more than 2000 years now, it has not happened, thus, I was motivated to begin my practice. Although I have family but they support me a lot and cover my spiritual study costs.


My disciples and I regard each other as friends and siblings. That they call me Uncle gets us closer and friendlier. They just call me Master when being in such official meeting like this, creating distance between me and them. On the other hand, I like traveling; therefore, casual dressing makes me comfortable as no one knows me. My luggage for a two or three-month stay in the mountains simply includes a hat, a bag with a few clothes, a simple sleeping bag and a hammock. When the officials found out and required me to leave, I went to somewhere else. I like sitting by streams, taking a bath and washing clothes. Occasionally, some people met me by chance. I asked: “Are you a vegetarian?” . If they said yes, I would instruct them how to meditate. That a monk can practice means an ordinary person can. They can practice anywhere, even at home, providing they are vegetarians. Eating just a little egg or using drugs is not accepted. But they can drink a little milk to improve their health. Their profession must be good and unrelated to animal killing. I asked whether they accepted or not. If they accepted, I would show them the method for home practice.


When I came back to Vietnam 10 years ago, some heard about it and came to me. There are some whom I could only meet again after 10 years long. I taught and told them: “While practicing, do not forget to take care of your family, love your parents and contribute to your motherland and mankind. Just wait for all of your duties to be completed and your family to sleep before starting meditating and focusing on your internal power, your Buddha Nature, Buddha-Bodhisattva and communicating with them”. Communication results in more rapid enlightenment and is not difficult. All are inside us. There is a miraculous light, a noble Buddha Nature and an infinite love that we have forgotten for long. Like a long abandoned house, a person knowing where the switch is will show us the way there so that we can light it up entirely. All the rooms are bright and the darkness is driven away. It is known as immediate enlightenment and we will know our Original Presence.


It does not matter if none shows us the way to the switch but it will take us a lot of time and cause us to fall several times before finding it and discovering our Wisdom. If someone does, the way will be shorter and safer. That is why there is a saying “immediate enlightenment, one’s life liberation”.


I was once a refugee, living in a boat for a long time and finding my life miserable and challenging. Therefore, I thought unless I found a lifetime liberation way, I would be unhappy in my following life. It is essential to explore the way to free me once and for all in this life. The wealth and comfort is only for our mind and impermanent. It will peter out in either 20 or 30 or 100 years. Where would we go then? Thus, I needed to find the eternal way for myself and the power that I had lost so far because our Great Masters (Sakyamuni in Buddhism and Jesus in Catholicism) succeeded. I tried to find a method for my practice and when I made it, I found it normal. Both disciples and ordinary people can survive but being a monk is better as other Buddhists can see our Buddha Nature from our appearance.


My practice process is that simple. I like to live independently and do not like boundaries. I have some disciples here and have not visited them for a long time. This is the first meeting since we last met 15 years ago. They said: “I have not heard about you for long.” I replied: “You had the method in hand already. Practicing at home and in pagodas is no different. There is no need to be close to me. Buddha is always in us.” With a full method in hand, you can practice anywhere possible, from home to markets or rice fields but pagodas are the most suitable. However, sometimes, they are overcrowded because you have to meet Buddhists. You are so lucky because few people come here, thus, you have more time to meditate. That is my simple divine Method. If you worship Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, you can call it Avalokitesvara Method but very few know this name.


Overseas, I also have disciples who live either at home or in pagodas. I seldomly meet them but always advise them to continue their practice. Meditation at home is the same. Just finish all of your work before practice and concentrate on it. In my neighborhood, no one knows me practicing. Maybe, some know but they do not talk about it. As many know, they ask me to go out a lot, hence, I must move to another place. Probably, it is predestination. I also admire all of you here a lot for your patience and hope that we will meet again one day.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Question: Could you please talk briefly about the Inner Light and Sound Meditation?


Answer: the Inner Light and Sound Meditation helps you realize your inner Sound and Buddha Nature. I know it and would like to bring it to you so that you, your friends and your relatives can realize and utilize your or their great potential power, and then do good things for our world.


This method is not a method indeed but I call it the Inner Light and Sound Meditation in the sense that there is a great Sound inside us. It is similar to notions deeming that light and sound are inside human beings. This method was studied and practiced by all Masters in the past.


The sound you hear, the light you see and the vibrations you feel are those intrinsic to you. All of this is transmitted in silence. This method brings you back to your origin where you were born and all beings gather. The light and the sound will guide you to the primitive place, your Buddha Nature and your great power.


If you practice this inner Light and Sound Meditation  Method under the instruction of an experienced Master who has passed the Five Realms, you can reach the place where Masters started their way. After fulfilling their mission, they returned there and so will you. This method aims to enable you to return to your origin and to help all beings. If you are enlightened, you can achieve great power, thus will be able to help many beings when you return to this world. As a result, you need a competent Master. In the first place, He will initiate you. Later on, He will assist you with the other things.


These sounds, which are not like those in human music, are wonderful, abstract and miraculous. This world’s music is dull but our inner sound is noble, strong and widespread to bring our soul to the primitive time. We feel comfortable and relaxed when listening to ordinary sounds, let alone this kind of sound. The sound in Heaven is very miraculous and, more interestingly, contains a lot of Buddha-Bodhisattva and God’s favor and a living Master’s support.


After mastering this method, we can listen to these sounds clearly thanks to initiation from a living Master. We can listen to them because they are our origin. All of these sounds are the origin of love and happiness covers our inner Divine Sound.


There are many kinds of sounds that we can hear as soon as we have initiation. The Master will guide you which kind of sound should be listened to and which not, which is transcendent and which is trivial.


The sound of the ordinary world does little for us but the sound inside us helps us escape from this world and return to God.  The name of this kind of sound differs from religion to religion. For example, in Catholicism, it is called the “Holy Ghost”, in Indian religion – “Heavenly Sound”, in Taoism – “Tao” and in the Universal Door – “Buddha’s Word, Tidal Sound and Worldly Sound”. We cannot use our languages to describe these sounds.


These miraculous sounds that cannot be expressed in the world’s languages will lead your souls back to God but you need a living Master who can help you recover your inner power. It is called “Buddha in mind” in Buddhism.


Catholicism uses different names for them such as Saint’s Words, celestial music or the universal vibrations. This kind of sound is intrinsic to us and brings us comfort and satisfaction in souls. We will be completely different in the most positive ways thanks to these sounds. Also, they will sweep away many of your karmas. Additionally, it is known as the internal sound flow or the creative force of the universe. All beings are brought up with this sound flow and this love ocean which symbolize the inner world. We can listen to this sound, the sound of God. Each has their own way of expression based on their own understanding. It was called the sound of God by Masters in the past and internal vibrations in modern times.


The Bodhisattvas use this sound flow and light to communicate with each other and to show their universal power, which is similar to human beings using languages. God and Saints also use this wonderful sound to help and communicate with all beings.


From Spiritual books or Bibles, we already know these sounds are our internal music or simply put, this divine sound is used by God and Masters as a means of communication to talk to all beings so that the latter can learn and understand more smoothly.


The more we practice this Method, the more comfortable and relaxed we are. Moreover, restrictions and material desires do not exist any longer. The wonderful Sound will broaden our Wisdom and improve our Spirit. We will not need a well-to-do life and our Spirit and material life is improved as soon as we can listen to this inner Sound and so is your material life. As for other aspects, the Master will support us. 

During the initiation, the Master does not say anything except when he teaches how to sit and meditate. The lecture is very straightforward; thus, both disciples and ordinary people can and know how to meditate and solve problems relating to meditation without any help from their Master. The Master will lecture about it in about four or five hours before initiation which is independent of spoken words and is inherently a mind-to-mind one. The mind of the Master will be in your mind, broaden your Wisdom and make you realize a bit of your Original Nature at the beginning.


As I said before, your house has been covered with darkness for thousands of years. It has a light switch but no one knows how to turn on. Now you have a person who knows where the switch is because he has been there. When the house is lighted, all the rooms are light. It is like your Great Wisdom is now discovered or so-called enlightenment. After that, you just stay at home and carry on meditating everyday as instructed. So simple! If you plan your work properly in a 24-hour day, you can meditate anytime you would prefer.


Regarding the initiation, there is no spoken word, just silence between you and your Master. After that, He guides you how to meditate, how to solve meditation problems and what to do in your life. Based upon that, you can meditate at home without staying close to Him. A competent Master understands His disciples when He initiates them. He is not a normal person; on the contrary, His great power enables him to be everywhere. He can help His disciples wherever they are. Just think of Him and He will be there to support you. His great power will support you and there is no need for Him to be physically near you.


The Method can not be described by this world’s languages but you can experience it by controlling your inner light and the universal sound flows, described in the Universal Door as the Pure Sound, the Tidal Sound and the Worldly Sound. They exist in our body and can be listened to while meditating.


The Master just gives you the method, you have to practice yourself and be loyal to your religion. Ordinary people and disciples can go on with their own life. Buddhists can continue contributing to your pagodas, your monks and your religion. I myself do not attempt to set up any new sect, the method is designed for people to practice no matter where they live and is known as the inner Light and Sound Meditation, for Buddha Nature recovery and lifetime liberation. Your Master’s Buddha will talk to your Buddha like you and I here. Likewise, during the initiation, your body remains the same but your Wisdom is poured with knowledge by your Master.  It is the nature of initiation. There are different explanations in different books. I have put it in a simple way for you to understand. It takes lots of time to tell you comprehensively.


Question: Are there any requirements for initiation?


Answer: Everybody can be initiated as long as they keep fundamental ethical principles, meditate for two and a half hours everyday or more if possible, take vegetarian meals without even a little egg or alcohol and take jobs independent of animal killings.


Even though you do not eat but you are not allowed to sell to others. Moreover, you must be loyal to their spouse. After being initiated, you can stay at home and do not have to stay close to your Master. If you can meet Him again, you can ask for His practice experience. Otherwise, you can stay at home and talk to your internal Master. This Master can act as a middleman between you and Buddha-Bodhisattva so that you can receive the universal power and then listen directly to His teaching. It is not an exaggeration to say that you are perfect and respectable because you have your own internal Buddha, unlimited power and profound wisdom. The Master just helps you retrieve them. Such are the requirements. Simple, isn’t it?


Furthermore, you have to observe the Five Precepts: Not killing any sentient beings, not stealing, not committing adultery, not telling lies and not drinking alcohol. They are similar to the Ten Commandments in Catholicism. The Master just represents Bodhisattva to support you, instruct you and help you regain your Wisdom so that you can communicate with Bodhisattva. The Master serves as a postman of God or a messenger of the universe. It is like when you had not had water here, the State came to install the water storage system and the water meter for you. They just brought here some tools and installed. Now, you have water to use forever.


You can live here for good because you have water now. The method is the same. If you need knowledge, I will come to teach. After that, you can use it in your life without care about where it comes from. The Master will install a communication line between you and Buddha-Bodhisattva like installing a pipeline between your house and the water company. You can get His favors everyday and can ask yourself for answers to questions if any.


All of my disciples, whom I called my fellow-practitioners, do not ask me much. Whenever meeting them, I just asked how their practice was and they said they are well and happy. I asked them whether they would like to ask me anything and they said there was nothing. Their practice was going smoothly and they still observe my principles. Then, I went to another place. I do not like staying at one place. So simple!


You are here just to receive my method, not to become my disciples. We are friends because I think all of us are children of Buddha-Bodhisattva and of this universe. Thus, we regard each other as siblings. I am luckier than you because I am a bit ahead of you.


I come here to bring you a slightly superior culture that you have never seen. If you ask then I will show you but I do not want to become your Master, requiring you to go with me to serve me. I give but do not take any offerings. However, you are different. You are here to practice and look after a nice pagoda so that all Buddhists can come here to pay respect to Buddha. It is your merit. They also pay respect to your prayer for Buddha to bring favor to mankind. It’s your merit, too. I am married now but I leave my family on one side.  I also have parents and friends but none of them knows what I am doing. I do not intend to hide anything but it is my private life in which I quietly do my work. That’s the way I practice.


You have another room upstairs, don’t you? Nobody can bother you, which is very ideal for meditation. When I was in Taiwan, I lived in a tent and had a back-pack, two clothes, and two books and grew vegetables for food. At weekends, there were many Buddhists coming to me. I have never seen it at any pagoda here. Recently, I went to Huong Pagoda. That day was the ceremony for Kuan Yin Bodhisattva and there were many Buddhists but it could not match Taiwan. It was because in Taiwan, they cook for ten thousand people to eat at the same time in the pagoda. When they were eating and relaxing, I returned to my tent, meditating and reading books. I love such private life. Perhaps you would ask me why I did so. It is tough but makes me comfortable and happy in mind wherever I am.


I have a family life also but I leave it on one side. The other is my private life in which I often travel for a couple of months and then return to look after the family. I am not restricted by my family. This method makes you happy in mind because you are close to Buddha-Bodhisattva every day. You feel happy every time and can practice everywhere, from home to pagodas. They are the requirements.


Question: Master, I do not know how to practice the Method. Could you please show me?


Answer: If you don’t, you had better look for a Master to learn. He will help you regain your Buddha Nature so that you can attain enlightenment in one lifetime. It is much better if you are able to exploit your internal great power.


The Masters come to this world to help all beings know how to make use of their great power bringing lives to them but were forgotten by them. If we can, we will return to our original place. The goal of practice is to purify your mind and to improve weaknesses caused by your ignorance. Now, a Master comes here to remind and wake up your own Master, to make you become a good man, increasingly reduce worldly desires and direct toward Buddha-Bodhisattva, God and to teach you focus on your own great power to regain your Buddha Nature.


That we sincerely manage to regain our decent Buddha Nature means we are enlightened. Practice aims to remind you to improve your ethics and develop you great power thanks to your Master’s instruction. He is simply a normal person with high ethics and helps you improve yourself. When you desires to explore the way you have forgotten or got lost in, He will come to show you the right one to get your real nature back and find your own internal Master, remind you to be a good Buddhist or Christian, beautify your inner temple and clear all the dirty dusts that you have had in this world. Buddha-Bodhisattva always cares for ordinary people. Such is practice.


Practice is to preserve your real honest nature and discover yourself to know who you are. What do you live in this world for? Knowing where you come from and arrive in will enable you to find out your decent nature so that you can have wisdom. Whatever religion you follow, Buddhism or any, your goal in practice is to discover the miracles, the utmost wisdom and the internal bliss and realize your Buddha Nature and great power. Such is practice.


I am very glad to see you, Buddhists, going to pagodas and pay respect to Buddha and to meet you all here. You are decent Buddhists with religious mind who long for practice, realize you’re inside safety to build up wisdom and regain your Original Nature, your Buddha nature and your own internal temple in need of renovation and decoration like this one. Such is practice.


Practice means a genuine Buddhist’s self-improving and exploring the way of happiness and gladness to become a Buddha and to return to your origin. You are looking for the instruction of your living Buddha, your own Buddha or your Master, on the way to wisdom so that you no longer have to bow to lifeless statues. One day, your misery in this world can be reduced and your great way can be found thanks to practice.


Sakyamuni Buddha did find such way and got what he longed for. So did Jesus and Lao Tzu. The latter said He had discovered His “Tao” and would support us. Their reputation has been in existence for over two thousand years.


All of these are intrinsic to all of you because all Masters will show you the genuine way. It is my practice method, known as the Inner Light and  Sound Meditation.


Every way leads us to the Nirvana. Practice is very straightforward no matter what religion you have or religious books you read. The requirements are barely vegetarianism, the Five Precepts Observation and two-and-a-half-hour daily meditation.


Question: When will we reach your level to be able to instruct others?


Answer: What’s the point asking me such question when you have not learnt? You have to go to the university to earn a medical degree before starting to treat your patients. It is like you have to practice before being able to support all beings. Take an example of Jesus. He had to suffer numerous miseries and was crucified before He could support His Christians. Similarly, Sakyamuni Buddha were accused wrongly and suffered from much misery. He decided to practice in order to support all beings.


You should not practice with an aim to instruct others. You had better gain your Wisdom and great inner power first; Bodhisattva will come to us then.


If you want to support others, you should support yourself first. After that, you will be able to help all beings get away from their body-related limitations. You should gain your Wisdom and look for the genuine way like every Master in the past. A Master’s enormous capability can enable you to rediscover your origin. Then, you will have everything.


You have to recognize your inner Master, which are not difficult thanks to this method. A Master has his own way and tricks to help you gain your Wisdom and find your internal Master. As soon as you recognize it, you will have full wisdom and will be great. Only when you regain your Buddha Nature, are you able to support all beings who come naturally to you.


In the past, the Sixth Patriarch Hui-Neng lived in the forests, practicing for 16 years and then came to a pagoda to continue his secret practice. Eventually, he was invited to go out and support all beings by His Buddhists. Meanwhile Bodhidarma had to choose to practice secretly in caves because of failing to find disciple to support.


People will naturally look for you and come to study with you when you are a good practitioner. It is hard to use languages to say about it. If you want to be like me, it is easy. Try to choose a good method and practice. When you are enlightened, all beings will invite you to go out. Do you know that I have to hide now? I do not like going out. If you want to preach, you have to be a good practitioner first.


Do not ask me when to be able to support all beings like me before practicing. I do not support any beings or anybody. You remember Sakyamuni Buddha? He preached for 49 years but he said: “I did not say a word in 49 years”. The reason is that it cannot be said in words. Because you would like to support all beings, you think becoming a Master is easy. No way!


A Master is just like a cleaner washing away karmas for all beings but it is not wanted by anyone in this world. He brought light to all beings, drive the darkness covering them so far away to make them realize their internal greatness. A Master is like that. Whenever a disciple needs Him, He appears immediately to help the disciple talk to God and his own Master. He teaches His disciples 24 hours a day. When you become a Buddha, you will know whether to support all beings or not.


A few days ago, I went to Bach Ma Mountain in Hue where there was a beautiful cave whose size is the same with this room and several hotels. I brought a backpack, a small sedge mat, a scarf with me and stayed there to meditate all day and night. I did not have to pay for hotel accommodation, just ate a little bread and drank a little water. That’s enough.


I ate artichokes there and then meditated from the morning till noon or even from night to the following day. Waking up, I ate artichokes, read books for two or three hours and then meditated until the evening. In the evening, I went out to relax a bit and returned to continue my meditation. It’s my method. I think because I am a practitioner, I should not have disciples. You can call me whatever you like. I do not mind. However, you should carry on with your pagoda visit, Buddha worship and ambitions while practicing this liberation method.


I did not research Buddhist books much, reading just to know. I read any kinds of religious books such as the Holy Bible and Buddhist books to broaden my knowledge. When my disciples asked me, I said I was meditating and did not use language in so doing. Languages never satisfy our mind. Probably, it can today but tomorrow, it cannot.


For this reason, from now on, we should look for our good nature, our Wisdom, our own Master and the Buddha Nature that we have forgotten for long. People in India were able to find their Patriarchs, Saints and Masters. People in Vietnam can do the same. Probably, They are practicing somewhere because They want to live a modest life. In the past, we had Buddha and at present we do, too. Buddha once lived in this world more than two thousand years ago. Why not nowadays, the twenty first century? Buddha lives around us all the time and never abandons us. I do believe that.


Thank you very much for welcoming us. Once again, I wish you all the best, successful practice and notable achievements in your career.


Listeners: Please visit our Pagoda when you return to Vietnam in the future.






Master Ruma lectured online in Florida,

the United States on 31 July 2006



Presently, our country is peaceful, stable and growing. All Masters in the world are teaching practice methods everywhere. Is it a new lifestyle? We are living in an era when there are many spiritual practitioners and scientific achievements, aren’t we? In former times, airplanes, helicopters and cars were not existent. Now, we have all of them to travel. Is it a new lifestyle?


We are living in a new era and a new decent lifestyle. Everybody comes to us with their respectability. We can communicate easily with each other by telephone and computers. We enjoy all the progresses of this era and a new life style to refresh our life because we are progressing. Like our country after years of war and struggle, development can be seen in many aspects and people now live more comfortably and amicably in peace. We can easily learn and build novel things for our country and make it step forward in terms of Religion and ethics so that everyone has a new, happy and perfect life.


Concerning Religion, it is now different from it used to be. Practitioners do not have to have their hair shaved or go to pagodas or mountains, undergoing hardship in order to begin their practice or to be taught by a Master. Now, we can be guided by an instructor who can show us a simple method either at home or in pagodas. We also can develop our love, forgiveness and dignity by becoming a vegetarian. We are able to preserve our ethics, to bring delight to ourselves and people around us. Is it a new lifestyle?


We do not have to experience hardship or beseech a Master or undergo a-few-year tests before being taught a practice method like those in the past. These days, we have good conditions to practice. Only by becoming a vegetarian can you practice immediately. There are many religious leaders in the world teaching meditation and preaching everywhere. They show how beneficial vegetarianism is and teach everybody how to meditate, advising them to have a peace and quiet mind to discover the practice way for lifetime liberation. It is completely different from the backward former times when wars were all around, making it hard to practice and find a Master. It is a new meaningful lifestyle. A new lifestyle is existent at any time but what matters is that no one shows it to us. Now there are some capable of pointing out the lifestyles of all eras.


For this reason, a Master comes only to give you a new lifestyle. It is a scientific one and was proven by Masters both in the past and at present in their classic books. There are Masters bringing the Truth to everybody in ever epoch. They also introduced this new lifestyle already but human beings could not preserve them.


When it comes to vegetarianism, almost everybody holds a wrong notion that only monks are vegetarians. In the present lifestyle, people can practice vegetarianism any time they like and find vegetarian foods any where they are.


Take an example of Taiwan, the biggest vegetarian food producing country worldwide, its companies have many branches and agents in many markets, including Vietnam. People there can choose between vegetarian foods and normal ones but they prefer the former because they are scientifically proven to be tastier and more nutritious.


 In the past, when teenagers and adolescents took vegetarian meals or wished to become a monk, they are said to be lovesick or whatever. Nowadays, we can practice whenever we like and there is no difference between ordinary people and disciples, which is a new lifestyle of this era.


The dignity is available in any time but what matters is that no one realizes it. Thus, this is a new lifestyle that God gave us in this current era and those to follow. God gave us both of the aspects, scientific and Spiritual, because He knew we had been suffering from misery for long and wanted to bring us both materials to use and religion to live. That’s why there are many Masters in the world and you can find your practice Instructor anywhere.


Unlike Milarepa in the past who had to experience numerous sufferings, people these days, no matter who they are, can have chances to practice and know how to become a decent person or at least, enjoy a comfortable life. We meditate either to have decent spirit or, at least, to regain our peace in mind to feel more relaxed. Think about healthful vitality preserving meditation making people healthy and nutritious diet including vegetables, beans, cereal powder and healthful protein-rich foods. Are they examples of a new life style?


In this new era, we are able to communicate with Buddha because God sent Masters to every country in this world so that people can hear of Him through them. All Masters teach the Truth and show the way to get out of the birth-death cycle. That is the reason why we are living in a new era with a new lifestyle.







Master Ruma lectured online in Florida,

 the United States on 31 July 2006



I come here solely to advise you to put effort into practice and meditation so that you can live by practicing and meditating everyday, not by breathing the air of this world. In the new era, you change into a new life. You change from breathing the air to meditating everyday, transform the supreme meditation into your happiness and delight, make it your life and live in it.


In order to maintain this, you should meditate and live in God’s love. Even though the material world is full of grievance and misery, you now can live in a different world full of meditation, light and sound. You live in the divine Sound every moment. It can bring you daily pleasure despite your worldly personal sadness, worry and work conflicts because you now have a meditation life. Please bear this in mind deeply. Today, I will show you a key in practice.


I come here just to remind you of your inner greatness. All the Masters in this era and I always wish you well when you do good deeds and practice well. I am very glad to see that you are happy, perform good deeds and support this world by your meditation. It is like a gift from God and makes me very happy. I am not a follower of any religion. I do not come here to set up any new sect. People come to me because they are predestined to do so.






 Master Ruma lectured in Taipei,

 Taiwan on 17 September 2005



If you would love to know the Inner Light and Sound Meditation Method, you must be patient, treat others humanly and live a modest life. Furthermore, you have initiation as long as you do not drink alcohol, smoke, eat meat. You have to live a normal and simple life and have to be a vegetarian. In addition, you also have to abandon sexual desire and never take anything for yourself. They are the requirements for initiation.


You must live a decent life and direct yourself towards your faiths. Doing this reminds you of your good nature and to practice.


During the initiation, the Master still supports His disciples although all are in silence. First, you will hear the sound and see the light inside yourself. It does not matter whether your Master is near you or not. You still have initiation and it is not necessary for Him to be there. Unless you are sincere, you can not receive initiation even though your Master is there with you. If He is not there, His disciples will show you how to receive it.


The Inner Light and Sound Meditation is the unique method able to save our souls. You will never forget it when you are having initiation under a Master’s instruction. It is the spring of souls and guides us to a new life, a religious and decent life. We are helped with a Master’s love and will forget the worldly sounds because you already have the inner Sound. The moment of initiation is the time you have your soul born again and all of your filth washed away thanks to the Inner Light and Sound Meditation Method.


When a Master is alive, He will instruct this method to His disciples. After death, they will have this wonderful Sound forever. The following generations do not understand the process of having initiation; thus, they design the method of praying and worshiping by themselves and think that they have initiation. In fact, they have nothing in their souls because they are merely acting out external rituals. They just incommode themselves and others.


Disciples having initiation are close to their Master and the Sound. They are supported by the living Master, who is omnipresent. It is because they always have the Sound by side and their Master is just the Sound.


A Master can be called a Teacher or other different names. He transfers the inner Sound to us. He is the most respectable, does the greatest thing and brings God’s love to all beings.


We often misunderstand between a Master and a Saint but actually, they are completely different. A Master is fully enlightened and His religious level is at least the fifth. He connects alls beings’ souls by this Sound and has the power to pass on light and sound to all beings to help them get close to God. It was God who assigned Him to transfer this Sound to all beings.


The only and special mission of a Master in this world is to take our souls to the Origin. He is always side by side with His disciples, undergoes hardship and sympathizes with souls desiring for liberation and leads them to reunion with the Supreme Being. A Master will show all beings the way to wisdom and intuition. Inside Him are God, power, Sounds and love. That is all about the mission of a Master.


You will meet a living Master, the king of religion and the son of God. He stays with people of one generation to another. He is the deep wonderful Sounds, Jesus Christ and the ocean of God’s love. God arranges all.


The light and sound is from God and, via a Master, comes to all beings to take their souls out of misery. The Master must be present in this world in order to support them. God never chooses anyone else or medium apart from Masters. His power lies inside a Master’s body.


Those who are sincere will always live in a Master’s love. There is still a need for a Master to remind them although they respect God. The Sound is actually God; therefore, a Master and God is only one. All beings in this world are nourished by this Sound. A Master’s mission is to bring power and wisdom to all beings.


The supreme Sound liberates souls trapped in this illusion world and only a Master can communicate with them. That is the gift His disciples receive from Him, the respectable and tremendous love of a Master. Only those having full enlightenment can know His venerable soul, those cannot.






 Master Ruma lectured in Formosa,

 Taipei on 18 September 2005


Light and Sound is from God, which is stated clearly in almost all classic religious books worldwide. The light and sound here should be understood to be internal, not external. We need to have this light and sound to retrieve our Buddha Nature, or the so-called Heavenly Kingdom or the Nirvana. Our souls are full of light and sound. If we look inward, we can hear this sound. However, we have forgotten the way we go and the existence of this sound for long, so we cannot find God.


No language can describe this light and sound. Different frequencies and vibrations will directly help you recover your Buddha Nature. The inner sound is known in different names such as: the divine Sound, the Holy Ghost or the Buddha Nature. The Indian Vedas and the Muslim’s Koran said: “The Wonderful Sound is present in 14 cloud layers”. According to Silk, “All appearances take root from and are nourished by the Sound. All the universe are under the control of the Sound. The Sound are present everywhere”. The first chapter in Christian Gospel says: “Since the creation time, Jesus Christ has been living with God and Jesus Christ is God”. Other parts of Bible also stated clearly about this deep Sound.


In Buddhism, the divine Sound is also mentioned, for example: Tidal Sound, Worldly Sound, sound of bell, sound of drum or Brahman sound,… The Sound is God’s profound Jesus and has been existing since the creation of the world. It is the most powerful source of life that we get from God through our great enlightenment. Using the Sound, God brings up the entire universe by its vibrational power. The Sound is present everywhere, reproducing our souls and connecting this energy source to God. It is our permanent source of life.


Those beginning to meditate according to the Inner Light and Sound Meditation Method can hear different kinds of sound, such as those from bells, thunder and lightning, drums or harps … They combine and form the superb sound from God. Listening to these sounds will enable us to be free from the birth and death cycle and return to God.


Currently, worldwide scientists know nothing about this kind of Light and Sound at all as they cannot find the vibrations and apply their worldly knowledge to analyze and discover the great power of this wonderful Sound. Using external analysis never allows them to understand this Sound. A Master is very experienced in bringing great power and love from God to all beings. That is the Inner Light and Sound Meditation Method.


Those able to listen to this sound everyday will leave their worldly sadness behind and will certainly achieve good things in their religious practice. Many practitioners throughout the world have come to me. They were able to discover their souls before finding out the secrets inside them.  Spiritual literature remain books however they say. But living Masters are different, They have their own experience and can help you learn many things from this Divine Method.


For this reason, those studying this Method will realize their own Master. Many people practicing the Method for years have not know much yet because they just focused on preaching or traveling aimlessly instead of exploring their souls to regain the internal sound flow. On the other hand, practitioners who determined and concentrated on this Method to retrieve their internal sound flow were able to be aware of the Truth in this universe.

This Sound cannot be heard, spoken or written. We are only able to feel it in our soul. That is why the Sound is the power of creation. The Sound was honored and glorified in religous books but it is just a small part of the story. You will realize it when you have initiation. The Master representing the universe will bring this Divine Method to you.


According to Bible, human body is “a Temple where God lives” or “a Heavenly Kingdom intrinsic to us”. Also, Buddhism says “Buddha is in our heart” or “Buddha Nature is present in all beings”. God’s Light and Sound is very noble and magical.


The inner Light and Sound Meditation Method enables you to look inward to retrieve your Buddha Nature. All Masters from the past to present said about this kind of Light and Sound. You will have your soul supported by leaving worldly concerns behind. During the initiation, the Master will transfer the supreme power to you and share the wonderful light with you.


On the way to your origin, you will be fully involved in your tremendous internal power. Only sound is able to keep you away from the darkness of the ordinary world. Human body is a prison where people stay permanently because of their habits. Our souls will get stuck there without the wonderful Sound. For this reason, I would like to emphasize the miracles of this wonderful Method.


Some asked me: “How to fully understand the  inner Light and Sound Meditation Method?”. I replied: “Each of us has the inner Sound.” After initiated, these Sounds always stay close to you and echo in your ears. You will leave all the things in your mind behind when you are fully involved in these wonderful Sounds. You will live in them and God’s love and never lose them if you stay committed to them. You will no longer have to hear moans and return to the ordinary world. Provided you are committed to practice, your Master will support you with His enormous power so that you can hear your own Sound, which contains marvelous light and great vibrations inside yourselves.


A Master is an extraordinary soul on the planet because He was able to overcome worldly obstacles, achieved the level of perfection, realized Heaven and entered the world of God. He is a perfect spiritual Master and capable of taking human souls to God. Our human body can never achieve the supreme power of God and the Sound. A Master, who is a perfect person, was appointed to take all beings to the Sound by God. That is why we call Him a Master or a Great Venerable Master like Jesus or Sakyamuni Buddha.


A Master teaches us the supreme method of God in silence. He does not use our ordinary language.




























                                            Master Ruma                      

Lectured in a 3-day retreat

Dalat- April 07th 2006



How many dishes have you got today? How many dishes do the cook make? Soup, fried food, food cooked with brine, anything else? What about dish made of vegetarian fish and vegetables? Available right now- six dishes? How about vegetarian meat? Oh My God! Why do we eat many things? (Everyone laughs).


You should keep yourselves a bit of warm when sleeping in room. Especially the elderly should keep away from catching cold. You should meditate  more at night. Last time, some Hanoi executives and I, on religious journey, came across hometown. All people stayed in a hotel and at that night, I took the guesses a walk around the sea.


My hometown is the island connected to mainland by the bridge of Cau Noi (Float Bridge). An old man smoking reached the seat of me and others on the Bridge, then suddenly stopped and sat closely to me. I told him that I couldn’t stand the smoke, the old man then threw it to the sea right away.


     The old man said he came here from Mong Cai, at the age of 30s. Yet, we know that the Old man is The Saint. We had small talk and the old man said the poem:


“Ha Tien- Buddhist region having talented

They do not eat rice but gold”


He enclosed with one more sentence:


“Ha Tien men get married with Mien women

Don’t know how to spend money, only know how to use the gold”


      Folk- song sounds interesting, but what does it symbolize for?! The gold symbolizes for the Golden Age. The Golden Age comes when you experience inside yourselves, wherever you are, whatever you do, meditation or using physical eyes and ears, you then can see the Light. Wherever you go, on road, on flight, on the river, on the sea, you step up onto the Light. From the vegetation, flowers and leaves to cobble, all of them are shined with the Light. That is our Golden Age, rather than some pieces of paper saying about Golden Age without understanding the origin, have you all got it?


Living in the Golden Age, we must have the Great Love, Enormous Wisdom to bring along to all the corners, not only for any specific part. So, if you have the Right Dharma, you’d better practice yourself at home. We will see each other when there is a chance.


You are also the disciple. When you finish your course, no Master hold you at the school forever, right? Bringing this right method to help beings everywhere is the goal of the true Masters. I wish I could have much more time to act more, reaching to remote, solitary areas where leading to religious even vegetarian meal are unknown. Or the people who took holy orders already but stumbled, still want to drink, smoke, eat meat but now they regret and desire to lead the religious life, I must go there to help them to come back.


None of religious practitioners want to stumble but for their families, properties, career, mundane fortune which they do not have so they easily stumble. Therefore, we endeavor to practice when we meet a living Master. I knows thoroughly about reasons why people - who want to but cannot come back to lead religious life. Even I stumbled already, but I did not give up the practice. I wasted a lot of time in other people affairs, abandoned my great ideal due to the misunderstanding and contradiction. At that time I still took holy orders, concentrated on meditation, practiced and studied the Buddhist’s miraculousness. I spent so much time on practicing, realized that I wasted 10 years, during that period many desired religious practitioners were skipped. Therefore, I implored Bodhisattva to help me continue realizing the ideal. Fortunately, Bodhisattva is touched and takes pity on me because of my sincerity. Yet, given such the misunderstanding made me wake up, see the impermanence of life. For this reason, you have to know that person who misunderstands or blames you, will later help you. This is the same as:


“Love people as much as yourself

Hate as heap up feces to body”


Do you all understand? Whatever I did is useful for our motherland, to repay merit as a Vietnamese descendant, to contribute small part of psyche improvement of native land.

Perhaps some of you are my parents or brothers and sisters in previous life, right? By mistake, they yielded but we don’t let them come back to practice again. In the next incarnation, they will be persecuted, suffer the death circle, we get the filial impiety. Probably, they used to be your ancestor, your benefactor? This incarnation, we prevent them from leading the religious practice, they cannot practice and release, their five ancestor's incarnations cannot be salvaged. Our guilty? Extremely undutiful?   You can see, now there are more and more religious practitioners, committing a vegetarian diet, directly towards Bodhisattva and Supreme God, get the modest and peaceful life, love and compassion each other. Therefore, our country can reach more Light. It is better, isn’t this?


“Losing one strand of hair is God's arrangement”, every moves are predestined by Bodhisattva, a bowl of rice we eat also is arranged, none of living being can himself do anything. Even the time, the moment we descend on earth was predestined by The God. Accordingly, should we say that person is wrong, another is right?! What ever right or wrong thing you do, it is because we are mediocrity. Bodhisattva will lead your life if you do wrong thing.

Whatever Karma anyone makes, whatever the fault they have yet they ask for help, The real Master definitely gives His helping hand. A Master never leaves His disciples alone and He knows that the practicing target of human being in this world is to get the noble future bliss. As The goal of any living Master in this world is giving assistance and preservation to living being. How hard the mission is, a Master still take even risks his life. Like Jesus Christ, he still wants to descend to this dusty world despite being hammered a nail into His body on The Holy cross. Or for Buddha, when seeing misery and unhappiness in this dusty world, he leaves honor and wealth behind, seeks the way to assist and preserve the living being. No matter how hard it is, we have to assist and preserve the living being. That is the obligation of Messenger of God. You all understand, don’t you?


You are the God’s children. The Master must bring the Right  Dharma to you when you practice. The Master simply is the Messenger of God, completing mission of transferring the messages to God’s children. Only as enjoying the King’s perquisite, serving Him. That’s all. All of us are God’s children, why we have differences between the rich and the poor, or among the religions? Whatever I do, it is disposed by the God’s Hand, are you got it? This is only the human body, the instrument containing the great love of God.

Therefore, be the purest, lightest and the most beautiful means to receive the Support from God. In near future, in any incarnation, when you became Enlightened One and be satiated with the heaven, you would bring Dharma to the Living being. Be the good instrument to bring the right method to earth, grant a favor, The Love and Great of God for Living Being. You must be the pure means containing the Great Love, otherwise the Holy water you bring to the living being would be mucky. You understand ?


Religious practice or any activities of any Master are arranged and supported from Bodhisattva. Hence, the Master can bring the peace and freedom to the living. He brings the Right Dharma, deep and profound morality, Great Love and mysterious Light to us. The more we try to practice, the more supports from God we get. Our ancestors would get the salvation. Thus, whenever you are, whatever you do, you always remind the deep inside Master, the everlasting Buddha Nature in conception. That time you are completed because of no time for everyday external occurrence, job, material, any broken- hearted reigning. Nothing but only grieving for God.   

As you have a house cleaned everyday and good environment around, you will easily see anything dirty appear in your house, then you immediately clean it again. Therefore, you’d better concentrate on practicing at home, unnecessary to go anywhere to practice because you received the initiation from the Master already. If the occasion arises for group meditation, you can practice together. Wherever you are, in cave, in the forest, in the mountain or in the field, in market, you can practice. All the time you think about Bodhisattva, Supreme God, and the Master inside and bring that favor, Great Love you received to living being, you get completed. That is the spiritual practice. Do you understand?



















Master Ruma

Lectured in a 3-day retreat at Dalat

April 07th 2006



While practicing, everyone can see not only their own Master but any respected Masters as well, may be in religious meditation, dream or in the vision. You can touch The Master, discuss with Him and reach to Him only if you really concentrate. Perhaps it will last for seconds or several minutes. That’s too much time. This method of the inner Light and Sound meditation is great. It is unnecessary for you to look for Master, because He is always side by side to you every time, everywhere. You will be as happy as the day is long. He appears whenever you want because He is not the body human. Body human is only the instrument. What a pity if you only care about the body human or a photograph. Do you understand? Nothing difficult for you to get advanced and you will get it. Everyone can do it unless you forget or only focus on appearance. Let’s go forward!  How beautiful and noble world impossibly described is waiting for you. Hence, you must try to successfully practice. You must become The Enlightened Person. Studying Buddhist is inevitably to become The Buddha, right? As well as you study to be a doctor or certain engineer, you will be doctor, engineer, do you think so?


This is a great method, every living being filled with The Great Love, Wisdom unless they self- deny these. To decline means too much pity for you. For example, you have hostility with someone in certain incarnation and feel uncomfortable as face to face. Yet you would get the Right Dharma in this incarnation, you have to treat them with the Love. The Love is such great. The vindictive hatred is fired at all if you give them your Great Love. Otherwise, answering evil by evil or meeting again with the previous incarnation’s Karma, you will get and yield for testiness. You will hover in hostility without giving him a hand. Are you got it?


So, only by taking your love to burn the testiness and hostility, to fill up the sorrow you make. Is this much better? I only practices in the universe’s Great Love without miracles or any level in my religious life, do you know? I only grant the Great Love from God, and bring Love to all of living being even the smallest organism in the universe like a gravel of grain of sand. That is all of mine, I do not have the miracles or noble might, do you understand?   I will come back to The Great Love of God, the place pointed by God after finishing mission. I practice in The Great Love and the supreme power of universe, I will come back after mission and I do not know anything else. 


Last time, I went together with mountaineer. The mountain is too high for us to climb, so we frequently stopped for a short while. Everyone said “wait, please” (everyone laughed). I offered a little of water to the guy, who took a little of water for me, he said “wait, please. Let me find”. Too tired for us to have any other talk, you see? Too tired to think about ego, we only hoped to reach the top. May be it fell down or be left under the mountain. If necessary you can go downhill to find, however, nobody wants to go down when they reach the top of mountain, right? (Everyone clapped).  


    The spiritual practice is such like that. We concentrate on the practice, ignore the for and against outside because of no time for a talk, is that right? Spending twenty four hours per day for your children, bread and butter, sitting in meditation at night and sleeping. There is no time for concerning others’ affairs. If there are some people’s gossips and defames, those are not practiced persons. You will be bewitched in the Bodhisattva, the Great and noble of heaven and earth when you really practice the Right Dharma, really inclined to the good. You will fear to lose, to forget or to waste even one second without practicing, let alone wasting time on others. Do you understand? Then, you desire to practice all the time to approach Buddhas, Bodhisattvas in vision. As lack of time, I advise that you should see deeply inside your Wisdom, experience your great mind. Other person, good or bad, it is unnecessary for you to care, let God take care of everything. Whatever  people do, they are God’s children, it is none of your business. You should bear in mind that.


This world is the big stage, everyone has their own parts. We see their actions on one day and another day, it is our turns, who knows? At that time, we do the better performance otherwise nobody wants to see, right? The key people gain not only the most affection from the audiences but also the most money. The anti- heroes get the most hatred feeling and also the most money, too, right? Anyway, that’s only stage which teaches living being a spiritual lesson, right? Rather than they only take part in the play, they bring us a lesson. The actors and actresses might not learn from the play but the audiences can, you and I also can. The Saints and Bodhisattvas descend on earth, take the performance and let others reconsider themselves. Thus, you should try to practice meditation everyday and to pray The Creator for support. If there is anything makes you unhappy, it is just because you think that, the real is not like that.


So, let’s try to practice everyday, smile, and be happy all the time, is this better? It is rather than you bring the sorrow to yourself, which is not good not only for you, but also for other persons around you, do you understand?


Always try to do the right thing, say positively. Such a good thing will spread all over space, support the living being. Otherwise, we do the negative things which result the bad consequence, is that our fault? Always think about  The Supreme God, return good for evil even they are good or bad, bring right things to all of living being. For example, someone gives me the dirty thing which then makes my hand dirty, I smile and go to clean it, nothing is matter. Yet, if I get angry, do not go to clean but throw it back to that person, not only two of us will get dirty but maybe also the third person will be involved. Therefore, it is better to throw the dirty thing away then clean the hand. Do you agree? Other guy maybe also go to clean, then both are not dirty. If not, that is His own business, not related to you. Thus, we take water of love to clean dirty things in dusty world, then all get good thing and peace. Do you agree?



























                           BUDDHA NATURE           


Master Ruma

Lectured in Vietnam - April 2006



     You may recall and revere any respected Master such as: Christ, the Maria Mother, Avaloketishvara (also known as Kwan Yin) Bodhisattva, Buddhas, The most Supreme that we externally adore, or our ancestors passed by. That’s your blessing. I was in America far from home when I was a child. As growing up, I went on hard practice journey all over the world. Christ Lord and Buddha had the much more hardship life because they are the extremely respected Supreme of Universe, the everlasting power.


  As personal experience from the childhood, I set my mind on self – improvement as always since I went abroad. Do not wait any more because the age comes very fast. Many people say that we cannot practice and become Buddha when we are too young, we can only practice when we are old. It is not right. Whether you are young or old, you can practice, because the most important is your soul, not your age.

Masters practice and do charity eternally.  This incarnation, they descend and get new appearances. The new one is more youthful. May be I got the newer, then I bring the Right Dharma from the God and noble Love from Universe to living being and help them, help our country and recover the most Noble Spirit foundation. There are some Kings leaving their throne to look for spiritual path, new way for a lifetime liberation. After reaching the peak of the way, he grants the Truth not only to his country at one life but many lives later.


I pray the Noble Spirit foundation for the country, hometown and for the living being to reach the liberation every night. I wish our country generates more Buddhas. Only The Master cleans, gives back the most Noble and permanent House for us. You should bring all of such good things and bless to help the poor. Therefore, I give you the advice on practicing and getting the deeply permanent Wisdom without word, yet you must keep a totally permanent vegetarian diet.


I could reach the peak and you can, too. That is not difficult. Being young or old alike, is not important. The permanent clear- sighted mind, neither young nor old, is the wonderful Light. The power of Universe so-called The God dwelling within your body, Buddha within your heart. All of you have the Greatness, just because you do not know. Other person who knows about that will help you to discover your inner God, then you can enjoy what The God and Universe grant to you. Everything is available, just you temporarily forget them. Now I come to remind you about your Wisdom. Keep being faithful with the Noblest Catholicism, the Noblest Buddhism or the disciple of the Noblest Taoism.


Because I am young and like to travel everywhere so God choose me as a Messenger to go to many remote places. During recent 10 years, I meditate every night without sleeping. It is not because I do not like to sleep but because it is impossible to sleep for being infatuated in favor of God, in Noble Halo of Universe and Buddhas. As well as you passionate in anything you like, right? I really respect and love them. As for Love, I love God, Christ Lord, Buddhas from ten directions. One person asked me: “Do you have any feeling about tiredness, haughty or sowing the religions in the spiritual journey?” “Let me consider if you ask me like that. Because during hard journey, I’ve concentrated on God, I no longer care the earth and anything around. From bottom of my heart I only respect God, the Noble power without Lust, Hatred, Delusion and the desires on world. The power of Universe, Supreme Being and the Creator engraved on my memory. I don’t know where world affairs are in my mind.” The same as you display here all the True, the Good and the Beautiful. It is unable for rubbishes to exist. Do you understand?


Thus, we have no time for world affairs or religious discrimination and right or wrong difference. The only way is to reach the Heavenly kingdom, Nirvana, Permanent or the Supreme Being when you are too tired. That is the ultimate Truth for you to learn. The good advise is being concentrated when you climb up the hill, when you are too tired, you cannot reply any questions to the fellow- climber, right? Only be quite, go straight on the way. It is the same as when you are tired, you do not want to do anything even eat or have small talk, only want to sit idle. The spiritual practice is the same. The God’s Love like the air, wind and cloud. It is impossible for you to live without The Love. You can be alive without eating, drinking for two days but without breathing, you die at once. Our soul is the same, will die at once if lacks the spirit Love from Universe.








Master Ruma

Lectured in Vietnam

March 25th 2006



Initiation only started by a little language; not used in word. We have too much intangible or tangible Karma. Thus, initiation is the beginning of opening deep Great Wisdom during the journey, reaching to the Buddha, Heavenly kingdom, and Nirvana. You will aware of the power and Support of Bodhisattva and God. We should not think of self but deep Knowledge inside, which is belongs forever to us, thus we unnecessarily use language. The Master will transfer the power to us through the spiritual practice everyday. When transferring, The Master’s presence is not important because he might come under other incarnation. You will have a new life, new right order in life after seeing Him.


That is the meaning of initiation, without words, no need to have The Master's presence. Try to take vegetarian; prays Bodhisattva, the Master will initiate you. By then, you are accepted into Bodhisattvas, Saints by the living Master. You are not the normal Living Being, whether you enlightened more or less. You will be elevated  like you are no longer at elementary school once you  enter the University. Catholicism considers this as the first baptism, Buddhism regards this as taking in Three Rzefuges (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha). Thanks to the living Master’s favored and support, your soul will be wipe out. Then, you are totally enlightened. Seeing deep inside into your soul, listening to Bodhisattva’s wonderful sound, seeing The Heaven’s Light, you will break the externally impurity. It concealed your deep Wisdom. The impurity is only part of this physical world. After you receive initiation from a living Master,  He will transfer the awareness of His great Wisdom. Then we realize ourselves and have lifetime liberation. Once initiated, you are able to contact the spiritual world. There is no bound between this world and the Heaven. The Master will take us around all over the Universe, He will bring the favor to us. Only one time like this can save your soul if you have strong belief. God is always in your mind but because you are imprisoned by the thought, the worldly bias and habits that we have obtained life after life, thus we can not hear the inner Sound and see the inner Light.


Keep spiritual practicing even after you get the initiation because there are still many realms to discover. That is only the beginning, though great beginning. The Master will guide you how to concentrate, promote you and you constantly practice. Then, you can see the inner Light and hear the inner Sound. He will try his best to help you. That’s Dharma transmission. He says nothing but you can get enlightenment, see the inner Light, hear the inner Sound, realize the Greatness inside, gently, comfortably which you never experienced before, it is unable to express in word. It is the goal of initiation, now you can understand.


It takes three or four hours to teach about spiritual practice. The Master initiates you in silence, that is immediate enlightenment. He will show you how to practice, how to meditate, to think about God, about Supreme, so that you can keep practice at home without The Master’s presence. However, he will be all time in your mind, support you in every move. Whenever you are, wherever you go, you can practice because He is side by side to you. That is everlasting Buddha Nature in our mind. The supreme power of Universe, will support and bring you up so that you will become useful for human being.

After you reach the peak, your five relative generations of incarnations will get the salvation. You then get the experiences and the Right Dharma will transfer to you. The Master will fire all of external Karma from previous incarnations and leave currently fixed Karma, so- called “Fixed- Karma”. So that, you can keep practicing, work in this world and serve your country, parents, brothers and sisters.


The Master burns out everything, this the help from God. He will help you till you have success if you think about Him. Thus, spiritual practice is very simple, gentle and normal. You keep serving the country, being a good citizen. There is the Spirit accompanies with you to support your relatives, ancestors and your descendants. Devote your talent to your country. That is your practice.


Committing a permanent vegetarian diet once initiated. Having vegetarian meal in order to have pure Body, Speech, Mind, humane and merciful. You will not want to kill even an ant, let alone a chicken, a pig or a dog. You have Great Love, so you will not want to kill anything whether directly or indirectly. We forget the food but can reach the Supreme Power. Having vegetarian is also good for your heath. Besides, you have to keep the five Precepts, which are the same with Lord’s ten commandments. They are: no killing, no lying, no sexual misbehavior, no stealing, and no use of intoxicants.


1. No killing, you must have the love, mercifulness. Do not kill and do violence to any living beings, even an ant, cockroach.


2. No lying, as all of them is not good for you. Others can not believe in you, feel contempt. May be you can tell the lie for the first time, the second,…You not only get their disrespect but they will leave you also. For example, adults tell the lie to the children, someday they will get the disrespect from the children. Therefore, do not tell the lie.


3. No sexual misbehavior, faithfully married life, not having sexual misconduct.


4. No stealing because we do not want to be bad citizens.  Stealing occurs all the corners causing no good environment to our country. Being content with what you have, use what you have, do not steal from others. Keep you kind heart to use what you make and give it to others if possible.


5. No using intoxicants, you can not practice meditation because of not having a sound mind.


The five Precepts as well as The Lord’s ten commandments help you easily practice meditation, not distinguishing anything. Simply, that’s our honest career, no killing, aid living being. I will come and arrange a ceremony to initiate you if you are qualified. You retain meditational practicing; I only confers you the initiation of Wisdom, switches on the deep Spirit Button, guarantees lifetime liberation in this life. After receiving the right  Dharma, you can grant the favor to your families, living being and keep practicing, there is no need to give thanks or make offerings to me.


All the people, including fellow practitioners or disciples can practice. We can practice in any aspects. Spending two, three or four hours to enter into the meditation everyday. Remind the deep Wisdom and flow to the power of Universe, for Creator which has been external hidden. Now, open the screen, continue traveling through the Universe, enjoying the new- found things which is not externally seen. As the Prince who is far away from his castle for a long time, the King sends courts to find you and remind that you are the Most Noble Prince. Obey and come back. Then, he will teach you some solemn moves, drive you more elegant, more generous and reorganize you, and also tell you the loyal rules that you forgot so long.


You are found to enjoy you natural noble. Buddha says  “Every human being has Buddha Nature”, why could we not become Enlightened One? You can become a doctor and how about others, why not? You will have success on your fields: you study public health, you will be a doctor. You learn to become teacher, you will be, right? I myself specialize in spiritual practice, reached the deep Wisdom from Universe. It is not difficult to gain the success when you specialize in that field. You forget your spiritual journey just because you are drifted in the dust world for so long.


I come here to remind you that I am only a messenger of Universe, servant to God to help God’s Children. I am also your elder brother, your good friend. I help you to find the ultimate Truth, Buddha Nature, Saint’s favor temple of Universe. I got it already and now share with you, remind you that all of you could do it. My explanation is very scientific, natural as the air. You practice to get the gentleness. Otherwise, it’s possible to rise up. Thus, spiritual practice is quiet as water surface. Do you all understand?

I advise you to recall The Most Venerated Gods, without them we cannot exist today. We have never got the Noble Truth without the Lord and Buddha. So, keep That Favor in your mind all time. Everything in this world belongs to Bodhisattvas. Our wealth, health, Wisdom are all given by the noble God and Bodhisattva’s favor. Your comfortable life is thanks to every living being in the world. Thanks to whom you can reach the future bliss? In general, thanks to The Supreme Being, the Great Supreme Buddha, Great Love and deeply permanent.


     Being enlightened, then you can understand all of scriptures or sutras. As well as you go to school, you can understand every kind of books when you study well. Therefore, learn the writing first. You have not gone to school, yet asked for fast and easy book to learn. The best way is getting contacted to the Universe with the Grace and Blessings of Master, a ling Master to clean sweep mundane, to wipe out ordinary mind. He will tell you the secret word to get easier meditation.


When you practice, you should concentrate. It is not related to your physical brain. Your brain collects everything everyday as a machine. In other words, we collected before and now let them out in this incarnation. Therefore, hold your body- speech- mind in purity. Like your house, if you do not close the door tightly, dust outside will intrude. If you open your mind too much, everything will crash into. When you meditate, everything will resound and make you fail. I am only the messenger from the God, an instrument or a good water pipe which transfers the water from the top, confer all over the corner.
























Master Ruma

Lectured at Nui Cam- Vietnam

April 22nd 2006.


Let things run their course, be modest to practice. Let work as normal as the air and your breathe. You might go without food and drink for some days, some months. But you immediately die if you live without breath. Thus, the breath, the air is the nature of Universe, the Love, the Support of God and your life can be finished without them. What’s the God?  God is not the appearance, God is the nature, the air, the power that we cannot touch.


God is the Sound you can hear everyday even so low. As you stand behinds, though it only His strand of hair, heel, and sleeve or all over, you know He is your Father. Thus, you see the entire Universe as you see you’re “Father”. You keep practice when you know “He’s there”. Let naturally do what nature wants. Comfortably and gentle, bright, healthy, peace and contentment face. Let open the door, The Sunlight naturally shines your house. Otherwise, you are stocked yourself. I only come here to remind you about liberation way as I reached. It’s easy, you can do it.


If you can let things run your course, it’s easy for you. If not you might trip and fall by a small thread. So, don’t disregard small things. A big thorn may not thrust exactly but a small one can poison you. The Master really takes care about this, I remind you to self- improve practicing, keep your mind in silent, and have normal life. Natural life as other’s in Universe: to eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re thirsty. Do you understand?




















Master Ruma

Lectured at Florida- America

July 2nd 2006



The Knowledgeable Master is the person who has the perfect beauty and is aware of His Self-Nature. If we have the sincerity, He will share the Noble Truth with us through the Great Love. He can satisfy whatever you want. He does not require anything, any repayment or any offerings to Himself. He only does give, not taking. That’s the Master.


He devotes all the Time, property, strength and His personal to this world. When we get the level of Master, aware of our original point, we can keep helping others. That’s the Master. People, who follow His instruction, quickly get deep experience. He absolutely understands the ultimate Truth and the Beauty of Love from the Heaven. He will lead you go, help you aware your Noble-Greatness. He liberates your soul through the Sound, the Light of God and marvelousness of Universe. That’s a living Master’s mission.

He represents for God to drive you a lifetime liberation, freedom from the darkness. That’s the Spirit path which leads us back the Heavenly kingdom. We need the inner Sound, the inner Light from the God, the Master. Master's power comes from God. When we have the cleanly wiped and pure mind by this Sound, that’s the Master.


The value of Master is immediate present with us in need, He always side by side to take care us, lead us to everywhere we want, He never gives up us.  Genuine Master or living Master merely is the names, Buddhism is called Buddha, and the perfect Master is called the Noble Master. He can transfer the Wonderful Sound, the words from God, the Nobleness from Universe to us. Because He contains the Power of God, entirely enlightenment, external experiences on the Spirit Way and he leads us to go. He descends here to bring the peace to the living being, so we can aware the deep nobleness from Him. A Master can connect our Soul to God, to Wonderful Sound since He gets the acceptance from the Universe, get the Love and predestination from God.


The Master that really reaches God’s Light and Sound, to be one with God. The Master’s mission is to bring our Soul back The God, help us to aware the God, to find the Noble Soul, the profound Light and great treasure. He comes here in normal body but he has full power and Wisdom, brings the living being a liberation path. That’s the Master. The human body with mercifulness, great humane, loves every living being, the Souls which desire to practice. Thus, it’s said that Buddha only assists and preserves the fated people.


As the same human body as the normal but the Master has God, Buddha and profound words of God to support Him.  He contains the Great Noble power to bring to living being. So lucky you are when you found such a Master. He is the King of Universe, on behalf of Buddhas from ten directions, of past, present and future, reaches to God’s children in this incarnation. The Sounds and Lights we can hear or experience are the Master, the God. He maintains the God’s great treasure. He descends here to sweep out the world’s dust for living being. It is unable to express the appreciation to the Master. God embodies in The Master through the Wonderful Sound. Therefore, the genuine Master is the God, the Supreme great Buddha. Everything is created by this Wonderful Sound and gathers into Him and He brings to living being.


Accordingly, people who receive initiation can hear the Wonderful Sound, determines to practice on meditation, will aware of Master's power. We can recognize a genuine Master over this but the more you practice, the more you aware. A Supreme Master is the person to bring the God’s power to us. He not only contains the deeply and profoundly Wonderful Sound but also can be inside the initiated people.


 Some people can hear the Wonderful Sound after being initiated. The sound leads your soul to the origin of Buddha Nature, the inner God, the Heavenly kingdom; liberates us from the front dark wall and brings the Supreme Light to us. The Soul will be wiped out by the deep and profound Wonderful Sound. All the troubles in the imagination world will disappear during initiation. Through a  living enlightened Master, we can connect this divine Sound, aware of the Noble power, feel the greatness deep inside us. That is the noblest present He gives us from The Heavenly kingdom.


 He does that with the boundless Love, brings benefits to the living being. That’s a living enlightened Master. He gives us whatever we haven’t got; He always expects that we focus on practice, look back ourselves, have identification with God through the Wonderful Sound. It’s not important if you’re rich or poor. Don’t excessively care about that, as long as you incline to the good, He will help you more and more. A Spiritual Master will lead you- His disciples to the Liberation way, will help them in all aspects, in the Spirit way if they concentrate on practice and meditation everyday. The more we enlighten, the more Wisdom we can learn about the Noble Spirit. The life which get the initiation as a regenerated one to aware of the Great Supreme Being. Only the Master can save our life because the God merely penetrates the selected Master.


Sometimes, Boddhisattvas come to the initiated people for a time. But that’s the further support only. If you want to get the everlasting enlightenment,  connecting with the Wonderful Sound, you must need a living Master. You couldn’t do it by yourself without Him; you need His help. He is also an enlightened person, already knows about the Buddha Nature as well as his “original house”. On Spiritual way, he gets the deep inside Great Wisdom. He can contact with the God. That’s the power a Master has,  when He transfers the power to us, we immediately can see the Light, hear the Sound. Honestly, we do not need any Master if we know everything. Yet, when we ever know nothing we really need.

Whenever the disciples need the Master, He will come and help to receive instructions. A Master is the one who helps His disciples to become a Master like Him. That’s the worth of a Master. The Master himself helps you to aware of your truthful nature. Eventually, you will return to Heavenly kingdom, your original point of Buddha Nature and that is your noble power capacity. You will discover yourself gradually during initiation. As you enter the university, you steadily study well even it’s difficult. By the time you get it, try to maintain it. A Master always helps you when He’s alive.


He collects the living being’s Karmas, especially the persons believes in Him, such as His disciples. He liberates them, so His life suffers a great misery. For His disciples, for the living being, He suffers the Misery in His Human body and might get the illness or a lot of troubles, like the Christ Lord was nailed or Buddha was calumniated.  He was libeled as other Masters. They might have to suffer from misunderstandings, struggles, and pressures, be killed, and be cast out, even boycott in the entire world.


However, this is limitedly happened in this world. He suffers this Karma, the horrible Karma from this material world. So, let’s follow a Master to practice if you want to liberate. He suffers this Karma for you, you have to try best on practice; don’t attach to the mundane physical.


Therefore, a Master must to be inside the Human body to receive the painful of disciples, to rescue the living being from the darkness circle, even it’s so painful. No matter how honor and wealth He has, He does not need.  Because he does know that this world is only the trap. As Christ Lord, He brings the glory, nobleness to the living being. He is ready to be nailed on the Holy Cross until die for living being. How grateful He is! As Buddha, He brought so many tenets, the nobleness to living being. He sacrifices His Entire Throne, property to find out the Ultimate Truth to practice. Ignoring the luxurious life; he wants to bring the great nobleness to living being by His achievement and His life. He brought the nobleness of profoundly Wonderful Sound and miracle Light to the living being who desires lifetime liberation. That’s the Master. It’s easy to recognize a Master when you try best to spiritual practice.


A Master never receives any offerings, He only gives to others, never takes. He has a simple life himself and has the Light, the Sound. He proves that this world is misery and we have the enlightened capacity. Moreover, we can hear the Sound, see the Light and the deep Nobleness when we get the initiation. That’s the Master. You have to find out the deep and sincere nobleness, listen to the God’s sound. Everyone can do it, can experience through the Light and the Wonderful Sound of God. He can bring the Light and dilutes the eternal darkness to living being.


For the living being, He does everything to help us find out the liberal way, brings the propitious things to them. A Master has nothing vulgar in the world. He never displays the miracles. In the compelled situations, He only gives instruction of spiritual improvement to His disciples in the spirit aspect, in practicing to find out the liberal way. Then, the disciple really realizes the true value of a genuine Master, a Knowledgeable Master. He brings the deep marvelousness to the disciples in order to let them try. They will get more comfortable. The Genuine Master then will be suffered for doing that.


Once you practice this method, you have to try practicing more and more to be entirely protected by God’s power. The Master all the time protects you and suffers great misery so that you can reach the permanent spiritual road, enjoy the peace. That’s the noblest pleasure of “Parents” when their children get the spiritual improvement. Practicing well and do the good things, we are the dutiful children, bring to the Master the noble present, concentrated mindedness in practice, rediscover the deep greatness. That’s practice. That’s a Master and that nobleness is from God.


We are the imprisoned living being in the darkness of this physical world, in this body. We need a Master’s power to break down the negativity, clean out the Karma to release the soul from the prison and we don’t wander on the darkness. We are liberated from the world prison, walk on the permanent road. Try to maintain the mission of practice. That’s practice; you try to practice meditation everyday. It is such a noblest present you bring to your Master.


A Master’s mission is such like that. He does everything for Living being with the unconditional Love. The purist Spirit world belongs to the supreme laws which originates from the Wonderful Sound, the God and the Master. He leads us to the pure land, the noblest land and the permanent spirit- Nirvana or kingdom of God. The Master brings the Knowledgeable Truth to integrate into this world; to help the living being. He can leave the human body and reach to the much higher spirit realm, follows the God’s instruction; leads the living being to the lifetime liberation, release your soul from prison of your body, from the birth and death circle and aware of God.


When you get the initiation, we try to meditate, a Master is always by our side. If we find Him, He’ll come to us. He stays inside us. Thus you never forget Him. With His directions and transferred power, you’d better keep practicing. Wishing you could aware of the noble soul, the profound Wonderful Sound, and Heavenly Kingdom deep inside you.


Thanks to the Master, the God, the Supreme Buddha’s favor; your soul will be connected to the God. You try to meditate and the perfectly profound advice of God will support you. Then, you can have direct talk everyday, every night. He will lead you to the noblest Spirit land. He is our noble Father.


Honestly, you can reach the peak if you try your best on practicing. A Master will help you to open your wisdom eye, pave the noble way to return the liberation way; let you see the valuable Light and Sound; teach you that the death in this world is only temporary. A Master will bring the peace and liberation, peace and contentment to you. He has the Great Love. We try to practice to be aware of the Wonderful Sound; God is always in your mind. The Master’s mission is driving you to the liberation way; the True, the good and the beautiful. God selected and sent Him to the world, you try to practice with Him; find Him through the God’s messages, through God’s gospel. He confers the Noble Love to the all being and our souls will be in harmony with God.


 We practice the deep great nobleness with God during meditation and we know that God is all the time side by side with you. The Master shows you that you are the good children. Thus, it’s not a waste of his time and his efforts to suffer the Karma for you.


A Master descent to the world and needs nothing from us because He has everything inside. He neither found any new religions nor interferes any religion’s affairs and disorders society; he only brings the Great Love to living being. He takes care about the imprisoned souls in the darkness. He finds out the way to support them, help them come close to the God through the Master’s human body, the His teaching. Anyways, He tries His best to help the living being who longs for a lifetime liberation; to let us integrate into God, get the Peace and happiness deep inside. We are aware of this thanks to the Master’s favor.


We can not discover the deep Spirit without the living Master, we never get the favors and merit without His help. Without his help, we will fail to do anything, we will be shrunk into the darkness and never left out. Thus, please understand that you have to bring the Truth to living because you are a disciple, a practitioner. If you do that, The Master will come to you. A living Master can feel all spirit experience in a disciple who has deep practicing with him. The profound present that God bring to you is the Enlightened way, lifetime liberation and ability to find your inner God. 


    I wish you could achieve great success on spiritual practice. There will be a chance for us to see again because of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas's predestination. You should endeavor to practice to reach the lifetime liberation. The old or new  practitioners should  try to uphold these tenets to the country, bring the noble Love, the best to the human being.











Master Ruma

Lectured at Transportation College

March 20th 2006


Bodhisattvas eternally take turn to descend to the world in order to help the living being. rather than Sakyamuni Buddha descended to India over 2000 years ago. Vietnam also has Buddhas, they appear everywhere. Wherever there has living being, there has Buddhas, too. Like wherever there has patients, there also has Doctors. Thus, you practice and you will get your Buddha Nature. It’s only because your Wisdom are concealed by the darkness screen. Whatever it is, Bodhisattva will come to support you to find your Buddha Nature which we forgot already for a long time.


So, in very near future, we will find out the liberation way, our Wisdom way or the external way that the Master found. Sometimes, The Right Dharma was hidden rather than disappearance as not having the talented disciples. Like the artesian water, the well even has the course of a stream but nobody use it or preserve it for hundreds or thousands of years, then the dust, the soil, the trees will cover over it. If there is a  person who tries then finds out the course of a stream, everyone will have a chance to drink that Holy water. It’s not difficult until someone begins to cultivate it.


As you are in the dark room which is fallowed for thousand years. You don’t know how to turn on the light. Then, a person comes and tells you where the button is. You only turn on the light and thousand- year darkness will be dissipated. You are called the enlightened person. Master will help you to open, brings the Light, the communication between you and Bodhisattvas. He assists you to communicate with Buddhas, Bodhisattvas from ten directions, which we forgot when we descend on earth.


Everyday, we practice meditation, be silent to listen to His teachings and His profoundly Wonderful Sound. In the past, as practicing, Sakyamuni Buddha had the help and support from countless Bodhisattvas. Now there also have Saints, guardian angles, from ten directions who descend on everywhere to help people. The Masters and Buddhas appear in any incarnation to help living being. And they will appear in the twenty first century. Buddha sacrifices His throne, honor and wealth, so the living beings worship Him for more two thousands years. As well as God, He sacrifices His blood and all of living being get His affect. Are you clear? At least, we follow their example a bit, sacrifice a piece of meal to give another. All the living being can enjoy, you can leave the blessings to your descendants in future, your hometown in particular and your country in general.


Thus, I share with you the Noble things that I gained, I can gain and you can, too. Buddha says: “I’m a Buddha already and you will be Buddha ’. As well as a person who studies abroad and collects all the quintessence from the other countries will bring it to serve his own country. Historically, Nguyen Truong To - one mandarin when returned from overseas told the King that he saw the water running from the wall and a light tilted. The King did not believe, thought that he duped The King, and offended Him against the sovereign. The King said that: “I’m The King, why I don’t know?” and sentenced him to death. You see? Because they had a limited thought, in a limited area at that time. So if you determine to practice, Buddha will appear. Buddha appeared in ancient time and now, too. I myself travels everywhere to find out the liberation and then realize that Buddha exists inside everyone.









Master Ruma

Lectured in Florida- America

May 25th 2006



How are you? Everything is all right? Thank you very much for your coming to this conversation today and thank very much to the organization board for arranging this meeting today.


I have just gone back to country after having lecture in many places from the North to the South. Thank you very much for your cooperation, praying the Bodhisattvas from ten directions, the Supreme God, the Love to support our country; and help us become more and more powerful. Let’s close our eyes for seconds and pray Bodhisattvas to support the country. Thank you very much. Because I just come back, the organization board arranged for the meeting via the internet and telephone. Even though we have a very long distance, we can also have a talk on spiritual practice.

 As the human being in this world, we have to thank the Master and the God’s favor. The God dwells on us and wiped out our mind when it is not entirely pure. And others who are not initiated and absent today; try to keep a permanent vegetarian diet. I will come back and initiate you in near future, please be patient!


Lifetime is so short. Our country was in war for such a long time. Now, we  just have a bit of advantages, of peace, of adequate comforts. I am myself very happy to see that. Thanks very much to Bodhisattvas because they never leave us alone so now we can reach this Nobleness. Today, I am very glad to have a talk with you. It’s difficult to be a human being, more difficult to reach the Right Dharma and much more to see the Master.


You are now working and finding the Truth, the practice way when you are the high- ranking officer of the government. That’s really appreciated. You make me touched by your desire of learning more, spending time on studying the Truth. Try to recall the Bodhisattvas and God to pray Him to support us in the practice.


At first, you should try to find and take the way for a vegetarian meal because there are a lot of diseases (birth flu and the disease related to pig). Therefore, the best way is taking a vegetarian, practice yourself and realize the deep Wisdom. That’s the Nobleness.


Everyday, I travel everywhere; try my best to advise everyone to keep the vegetarian meal, to find the liberation from ocean of sufferings. Our country suffers too much great misery. If you don’t practice any longer, you would suffer the misery and live in the war and would constantly live in the suffering. That’s I want to remind you. As I want to show that I’m the dutiful person to Vietnam. I want to remind everyone about Spirit because we would be a miserable person or make a new Karma if you don’t practice any longer. Thus, I try my best to practice, remind the Bodhisattvas any time, to pray Him to support us, our country, and living being. We practice in order to enlighten ourselves first and necessary things will come to us. You should keep practicing.


You can register your name if you want to receive the initiation. Later I will help you get that. If we can find out the unlimited blessings, we can confer this forever without impacting on you and grant the Love to every living being. The  Master, who reached the great Wisdom already, still give the spiritual help to Living being.

I myself don’t know much about Buddhist sutras but I try best to learn about the Dharma to easily teach you.

Last time I read through the prayer- book, it means that a real disciple doesn’t need to chant in the morning and the afternoon. Rather, a real disciple have to meditate to look back his Original Buddha Nature. But I don’t prevent you to do that. Have you ever seen Bo De Dat Ma doing something like that? Never do it, right? He turned his face to the wall and meditated only.


Of course at that time He could not find His disciple. As Bach Truong We are the practitioners and have the common goal of serving living being even we have own work. You are the Monk and you pray and chant for the living being and this world. I also pray by meditation. We do the same work for living being’s benefits. I heard that there are tens of superior Buddhist monks and Venerables come here, right? (Yes, right). Good, we are very glad and touched to know that you come here together and discuss the ultimate Truth on telephone. Can you hear me? (Yes).


On the way of practice, you try your best and The Bodhisattvas will predestine for you. Sakyamuni Buddha finished His mission, He entered the Nirvana but He came to remind us on the practice way, brought the Right Dharma and His sutras and transmits to the living being. As Dai Su, he had no celebration to chant. As I myself, I have never heard that Buddha chanted in the morning and afternoon like that. He did not do! I tell the Truth and you don’t be sad. But you can keep chanting in pagoda. I only tell the ultimate Truth, please don’t think we prevent you from doing that. Buddha silently assists and preserves the living being. We can not pray for the peace of their soul because we have not become the Buddha yet. In fact, Buddha does not have to take care of praying or chanting. He only sits at one place and can do many things, it’s no need for Him to go anywhere or say some magic words. That’s the Great Buddha, He is aware of His Wisdom and He can do, teach, communicate, assist and preserve the living being anywhere, anytime. If He wants to pray Buddha, He prays from heart. He has the power in whatever He wants to do.


Thus, Sakyamuni Buddha has thousands of thousands of incarnations(omnipresent) . He is not necessary to do anything. Today I come here to teach a little of the Bible. If you try to take the vegetarian diet, I will teach and give the Right Dharma to you, help you find your eternal Buddha Nature, and the liberal way for yourselves, since you have suffered too much misery, eternally descent on earth to do many things but you can’t find out the way back, find out the way to realize your eternal Buddha Nature, your Great Wisdom.


So, today I come with the purpose of reminding you about eternally deep existence of The Buddha Nature. That’s very noble and a Pagoda deep inside you is very great. We are not any religion, any association because I practice without setting up either Pagodas or any things for you. I have the modest life, only realize the Right Dharma that is the lifetime liberation. And I come here to share with you.


As Sakyamuni Buddha when He was alive, He traveled everywhere to teach the bible, He did but seemingly didn’t. He said that: “I said no word for forty nine years”. Since, the Dharma doesn’t use the words, it is so- called “eternal Dharma”. The true Dharma is using No word, no language. I also transfer without any word, everything is the natural silence. As Lao Tu said: “do but not do”, that’s the meaning.  Do you understand?


I often say that: a Master will be renowned after his death. Satins like to exploit Master’s name to plan a new religion with wrong arguments and drive the living being to believe that’s The Buddhist. After all, they are still in the samara, so still are the Satan’s citizens. Therefore, Satan is eager to bring all the things such as material, glory of the world to us and make us gradually forget the spiritual practice, the target of reminding Buddha Nature and the original point to escapes the samara. That’s the true Disciple, the true Buddhist monk as in the period of Buddha. Do you understand?


A Master will teach us to firstly find out our Original Buddha Nature, then assist and preserve the Living being with Buddha power deep inside. The enlightened people will use their incarnations to assist and preserve the living being through the power and their noble Love, do you understand? Now we not only have no time to practice to refind yourselves but also waste power and blessing that we accumulated in previous incarnation. Till you die and use up all of power and blessing, you don’t know where you are going to. Hence, we have to find the Right Dharma, Buddha power that we have lost for long time. So, we devote to you a method, a way for you to realize yourselves, do you agree?


We have this human body, we should practice to quickly become Buddha, can unlimitedly assist and preserve the living being during six realms of samara. Because of the power and Buddha Nature that you realize, you can assist and preserve whoever. That time is the time you found your deep Wisdom, and you’ll become Buddha.


When I seek for the Truth, the Master gave me a little of experience as classical one. But you have to meditate for a time, if you want to realize your Great Wisdom. You cannot become Buddha immediately. Sakyamuni Buddha must practice for six years. When you get the initiation, you will have the evidence to feel secured and keep practicing meditation. Your soul will be spiritually improving. Our level will be higher when you reach the peace and happiness inside. I initiated many people. when they practice, they are verified and experienced so they can share with you.


Do you have any question?


Question: Master, what is the benefit of initiation?


Answer: Upon initiation, the deep Light will enlighten the Heavenly Kingdom. God will lead you to find your inner God, your original point. By then, we live in blessing that we have never known about this world. The language of Universe, the Sound and the Light will revise the deep Great Wisdom treasure and you use this to help many people. When you meditate, the Master will come to support you or you can see the Light and Wonderful Sound, you can feel that your Wisdom is elevating and your love is boundlessly developed. That’s the benefits of initiation which can not be measured, that is the God Power. Then, you know you have the Love of God and you know that He protects you through His noble Love.


Question: Master, how can we realize the existence of God? What is the benefit if we can see Him?


Answer: we can not see His support and protection because you don’t have the initiation. If you have the initiation, you can realize God’s protection through his Love. We feel the great Love and the noble power. The inner Light and Sound Mediation can help you directly connect to God and feel the His support to protect us little by little. Do you understand what I am saying?


Question: Master, how do we practice the inner Light and Sound Mediation at home to avoid the failure?


Answer: Got it. You meditate or practice as I said to you when you received initiation. You must meditate for two hours and a half per day and take the permanent vegetarian diet, and also keep five Buddhist precepts. You don’t eat even a little bit of egg, drink, smoke, sag, drugs. Bodhisattvas and the living Master can help you.


Question: Master, I desire to get the initiation but now I have a restaurant. So can I get the initiation?


Answer: No, no, it’s impossible. You’d better change your job, I will transfer to you. You must change your job first and then request to get the initiation. You are so smart when you request to get the initiation after changing the job. When I have not come back home, you change your job first, take the permanent vegetarian and wait the chance to get the initiation.


Question: Master, when I got the initiation, do I have to suffer the previous Karma and the new one?


Answer: Yes, you got the initiation but you keep making the karma. Of course, you will have to receive them. I do not say that Karma in this incarnation but in previous incarnations will be eliminated. About karma in this incarnation, you have to settle yourselves. If you eliminate karma in this incarnation, you will die immediately. Thus, you have not finished the mission in this incarnation, right? If everyone dies after they get the initiation, who will finish the work for our country? As you go to school, you have no reason to stay in school when you finish, right?


I only said that I give a little help to you every day in order to help you suffer a little only and can fix karma by yourselves. Sometimes, I help you pay the Karma in your dream or the karma hurt all my body. At the moment, your soul still connects to the human body. You can not exist if I don’t do that. Your soul will disconnect to your body when you die. Do you understand? “If we make a new karma, can we return?” The people who got the initiation will not return but the others who have not got, have to come back to this world. Because the people who got the initiation know how to wipe out the new karma. They do not purposely create the karma for me to bear. They do not dare to suffer this karma, they pray to the Master for support, do you understand? Sometimes, I give them a little help. As a child who brings too many luggages can not walk, his parents naturally help him, take for him a little. But what happen if they can not help him? He will do it by himself, you know. However, he couldn’t do it due to excessiveness.



Question: Master, are there any realms apart from samara( (circle of life)?


Answer: Utmost Wisdom and Supreme happiness that we have never known are the noble Love of Universe. This is our real world because aside from cause and effect circle is only the deep Love and happiness. When we escape from this circle, the karma, we will reach to no more samara place. It’s only the satisfaction, happiness and the peace, do you understand? Sometimes, I only tell you what I experience. The language of human eyes is limited and easy to distort the truth deep in your mind and on the heaven.


Question: Master! The death and corpse should be cremated or buried?


Answer: My God! It depends. The body has place to be buried, their soul is gone. You’d better cremate that corpse, lay the ash down the sea. Too much burial will cause shortage of land and land in Vietnam is rare nowadays. So it is up to you.


Question: What is the purpose of life? And what is the purpose of death?


Answer: The human body is created and only exists in a period of time, it will be weakened, tired and out of order. So we have to maintain it, don’t overuse our human body. The people’s purpose when descend here is to practice, to find Wisdom and learn more through practicing everyday.


Question: Master! There is an experience everyday: If you die can you come back?


Answer: Yes, I can do so, everyday I die and everyday I am alive, I live in the death, I die in the aliveness, you believe it?


Question: Master! As death comes, does the human body die or the soul die, too?


Answer: No! The Soul never dies, we only change the clothes. When it’s dirty, we take it off. Thus, we have to wash it up, we only change to another. If clothes are dirty and decayed, we will change to another. Our soul never dies.


Question: Master! Can a soul eternally stay awake?


Answer: Of course. It always awakes, the human body sleeps, our brain sleeps, but our soul once awakes will awake forever. Anyway, you have to coordinate with your body, speech and thought. Keep your body, speech and mind in purity. Thus, after you get the initiation you try to keep purity everyday, to practice to reach the enlightenment, to instruct your mind to be flexible with the enlightening life of your soul and not be shrunk in the darkness. When practicing you have to keep purifying your mind, your body, and speech.


Question: Master! What is the immediate enlightenment?


Answers: Immediate enlightenment is being enlightened suddenly. You can enlighten in one second. You will sit in front of your God deep inside, that’s your nature. It’s hidden in your mind. Your Buddha Nature existed before you were born in this world.


Question: How can you know your Buddha Nature?


Answer: you will know that when you get the initiation.


Question: Can I get the initiation immediately?


Answer: Cannot. I was in America, you are far from me. How can I initiate you? You can write your name to the Association. I will come and initiate you later. Be patient!


Question: Master! I would like to practice with you, but I’m now too young, and my parents have a restaurant. So, I cannot get the initiation.


Answer: Oh! Poor you, you drive me touched. Be patient and you can practice with me when you grow up. You can practice but now you are young, have to depend on your family. Keep praying to Buddhas to have more chances to practice later. Hope that you can find the way to liberate your soul as soon as possible.


Question: I’d like to ask you a question. What is the method you follow?


Answer: The Inner Light and Sound Meditation. We can share with you this Right Dharma. As I said, I also meditate according to this Dharma. I found it easier after finding this Dharma. I myself try a lot of others such as: Tibet’s secret Buddhism or Thailand’s or Cambodia’s…etc… I practiced but it’s so fussy and cannot satisfy desire of the liberation. Thus, I found this Dharma. Dharma of lifetime liberation will be easier for you. Whoever you are, you can practice and be aware.































In the noon of October 22nd 2005, Master Ruma met and reminded His disciples trying to practice via internet. He sincerely shared either Noble Truth as well as valuable experience on His practicing. These are some questions from other practicing people and He sincerely replied: 


Question: Master! Which religions or schools does “The Inner Light and Sound Meditation” belong to?


Answer: This is the Right Dharma that leads the living being to find the Liberal way, it helps you connect the deep power- so called “esoteric heart” to the eternal power. Two Buddha Natures communicate to each other. The Buddha Nature of  enlightened person will enlightens the Buddha Nature of the practitioners. The important thing is that the Right Dharma can enlighten the Buddha Nature, revise your Wisdom deep inside you. This is so- called “ The Inner Light and Sound Meditation”, the Sound inside, the power impact inside. “The Light” is your Wisdom, Buddha Nature’s halo, the clear-sighted Wisdom. Even this Dharma can help you find the deep Wisdom but it’s not enough. It’s necessary to have the power of a genuine Master who is alive and eternally practice. Only a living Master can revise our Wisdom and halo, clean up the eternal Karma, communicate to your Wisdom. Thus, it’s unable to do any things with only Dharma and without Master’s power. Do you understand? (Yes, Master).


Question: Can you please explain, with ordinary sense how we can distinguish the Buddha and the ghost  (e.g Ji Gong but still eats meat)?


Answer: You are the people who are practicing this Wonderful Sound Method, you know well about the Master, you know who are the Buddha or the people who have negative thought, the Buddha disguising the human to settle the life, it depends on the circumstance and the current era. There are many Saints have to follow the arranged works by the God. Sometimes, they have to pay the penalty for their doing in this world such as have to get married or to suffer the vulnerableness before they are aware of deep noble Wisdom. But the practice and enlightenment are not related to your family affair. That’s only the appearance. The most important thing is you have to concentrate inside, you will improve your spiritual very fast. Even you are married, you practice, are enlightened and you will still know what the importance in your practice life is. I myself practice as others do, I have to pay the penalty, that is getting married. This is the previous incarnation effect of mine. The normal human in this incarnation can not realize who is the real enlightened person unless they have enough Wisdom and the previous incarnation’s merit.


Question:  So, does the practice depend on Dharma or Person who practices?


Answer: It’s no need to depend on any Dharma when you reach the utmost marvelous Wisdom. Then, your Wisdom is the Master; your Wisdom is the great Love. Thus, you have to lean on the Dharma, on Master. Dharma is the way and Master is the introducer. When you know the way, you can go without the introducer. As reading and writing, because  you can read or write yourselves, you do not need my help, right? (Yes).











You should immediately remove the negative thought, blame and mundane to reach the deep practice. Determinedly remember the teachings of Master, God and The eternal Master every day, try to practice. When you are aware, you will feel very happy. Nirvana or Heavenly Kingdom is right beside you. It’s too much thin than a thin paper. You can use the water to easily break out and you can step over. That’s the Nirvana, very near, extremely close to you. That’s the place every eternal living being come back. You do not need to waste your efforts.


Master Ruma



You’d better normally practice, be patient, be good citizens, good wife, good husband, dutiful children and keep purity  in your body- speech- mind always. That’s enough. You should always think of Bodhisattvas, think of supreme God. Maintain your honesty, smile all the time and you will get the good atmosphere. I please advise you to be the good, either amend yourselves or bring the peace, happiness and jollity to another. It will naturally express itself without language, do you understand?


Master Ruma



You keep practicing yourselves; you try to meditate, to spend a little time on praying the peace for the living being, hometown, and country. Try your best and your activities will tell everybody that we love them. If you only tell others that you love them without doing any things, it means nothing. So you have to prove your Love with your activities. You know that practicing this Dharma is very good, brings huge benefits to all the living being so you should practice. The most important is too express yourselves as good citizens, exemplary, modest lives and being continuously useful for families, community, etc. It’s not good to practice by gathering in the knots, gossip the temples, churches. You shouldn’t practice like that, at least you come from Buddhism or Catholicism, you shouldn’t say bad about anyone. It’s not good. Now your practice should prove that you will do the good, bring the peace and happiness to everyone, living beings, at least bring the happiness to yourselves.

Master Ruma


Master doesn’t preach the moral philosophy, I only help you to remind the things that the Saints, alive Buddha descending to the earth to teach living being. You have already read all, you just only forget for a while. When calming down, you can remember all of that. Be a moral people with Wisdom and Love. Loving all people, be happy and you will have a vitality and power.


Master Ruma



“When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Bowing the Buddha is not for His appearance but because you respect Him for His Knowledgeable Master. In the past, He brought Truth which is handed down for more than two thousands years to the living being. That’s the nobleness. Thus, we have to bow Him, rather than stick to Him, all the time pray but forget the Master deep inside. We bow because we respect Him but we have to practice. Doing so in order to return the favors of Them as they are the Masters, the great Saints in this Universe.


Master Ruma


The more you keep your body, speech and mind in purity, the more favors from God you receive. The more modest you are, the more you learn. You can learn a lot from people who are your fathers, Master or even from people who always despise you. You learn from them through either his Love or Hatred. We can learn from them through either his modesty or haughty.


Master Ruma



Buddhas and Bodhisattvas eternally take turn to descend to the world to help the living being, rather than only Buddha descent to India two thousands years ago. Vietnam and other countries also have Buddha. Because where there is living being, there are Buddha, like where there’s a patient, there’s a doctor; you practice The Buddhism, you will be definitely aware of Buddha Nature.


Master Ruma



On the way to realize to your Self - Nature, we don’t have Master’s help just like we enter a house but don’t know how to turn on the light. We can feel the way and we can switch on the button someday, but it will take very long time, even you might crash on the pillar of house then get hurt. Thus, when one person knows where the button is and turn on the light, all the corners will be lightened. If that happens, we will be happy. The entire universe will be bright. It is so- called Enlightened phenomenon but it is just only the outside door. Master comes to the deep inside, give us facility to talk with God and listen to the Sound of God. That’s His teaching.


Master Ruma




Never interfere into the other’s personal life, you will practice easily. Do what you can, do not do what you can’t. Greet each others when meeting, only talk about practicing. Leave the others’ occurrences besides. As gathering, we only talk about the right things and happiness. Avoid controversy or arguing with anybody just because you think that person has karma or hard feelings with you. If that’s true, you can bring the Love to cross off the hatred because of great Dharma. Why you said Dharma is great but you cannot forget that hard feelings. That’s unreasonable. You have the karma, you have to clean up, forgive them rather than hate them. That’s the practicing people.    


Master Ruma



To receive the initiation is simple, not leaving parents, husbands or wives. You live hard in this world. As getting up, you spend about one hour to meditate before going to work. Doing that in order to let you be quiet and easily strive in this world under pressure of daily earning. At noon, you have a half of hour to close your eyes to mediate. After a hard working day, you take a bath. When everyone goes to sleep, you mediate for one hour in the silent place. That’s enough.


Master Ruma


It’s not important as you adore the Catholic Master, Buddha Master, many other Masters or whatever religions. The importance is when you serve the church, pagoda then you should visit there, visit Master there. Me too. I have the old Master in the pagoda; I visit Him from time to time. It’s not difficult, everyday you spend about two hours and a half to mediate to remain Master deep inside, your soul will be peaceful.


Master Ruma


    When descending to this world, everyone has their own way. Those who have the blessing might go to the spirit way, it’s easier for them to be aware of. Everyday they enjoy their practice. They pray also for another but they have to spend two and a half hours to peace their soul. Others who don’t know about that will get no success and unhappiness. The life eventually will end, you will leave this world whether you are rich or poor. Others leave with their spirit. If you leave without spirit, you will be lonely, always in the samara, although you insist help from your sister, father or your husband/ wife. That’s useless. Poor you. Therefore, you have to take care of your soul, everyday you spend two and a half hours to meditate, Bodhisattva always loves His children.


 Master Ruma



You should directly live up to the spirit, the marvelous Light of God. Be the good citizen to support your hometown, your country in both aspects. Firstly about your spirit, everyday you try to practice meditation. Secondly, support your country with your strength, to make your country flourish, both physically  and spiritually. Practicing Dharma of liberation all over the world, we try to preserve this Dharma so that it will not be lost. On behalf of the supreme God, the universe’s favor, I wish you are all aware of the Enlightenment soon and return to the Buddha Nature, to your noble Father.


Master Ruma


Your human body can be held for one hundred year. That’s the longest. Thus, you should try to pray the Bodhisattva, re-find your deep Wisdom, and re-find your liberation. That’s the nobleness. If you can not find your liberation, you will be in the eternal samara. You never know well about your nature because it’s hidden by the darkness. Now, I’d like you to find your Master, remember the everlasting Buddha Nature that you forgot. You remember that the pagoda is inside yourselves, Buddha is in your heart.

Master Ruma


Now, you find your great eyes again. That’s the third eye or the Wisdom eye. The normal eye only can see around, but Buddha’s eye can see all over the world. That’s your Wisdom. Our normal eyes see everything changing up to time; it immediately changes if your eye is not healthy. But Buddha’s eye can always see the Light, can aware of any things. That’s the noblest eye.


Master Ruma



The most important is how you can grant this Dharma to all over your country. There will be many practicing people, many spirits, moral people thinking about God and finding the liberation way, that’s all a Master's wish.


Master Ruma



When you are aware of Master deep inside, you will be extremely happy. There are not enough words to express your happiness. That’s the phenomenon when the enlightened people go into the world of “not self” meaning “non-selfhood”, the deep Heavenly Kingdom. The Buddhissm calls this ‘Samadhi”. There are two kinds of samadhi: Firstly, you concentrate on meditation, try to leave all the rest dust to go into the world inside, you will be in light status all day. Secondly, when you get this Dharma, your soul will be pure and innocent as a child. It’s impossible to describe with any language…Thus, the Buddhism goes: “any move you take is mediation”.


Master Ruma



Practicing is not difficult. You can practice anywhere, sit on a chair or on a bus, in the market or in the field. It’s no need to leave the Pagoda and Master.

You bow the Buddha because you recall Him as the creator of Buddhism religion for the living being. A Prince dares to leave His honor and wealth to find the Truth. As Christ Lord, He devoted to be nailed on the Holy Cross to practice better and better. He is the Supreme Living being and we respect Him.


Master Ruma


You practice to find your Everlasting Original Nature which eternally is hidden by the darkness. Now you have to break the darkness. As for this room, when you firstly come into you do not know where the switch is. Now, someone comes to show you that button. You only come into, turn on the switch and the darkness for thousand years will be dissipated. It is the same, now you are concealed in the thousands years of darkness, no one knows the way, you have to feel the way to find where the button is. However, there is the Light of Bodhisattva in that room. You only need a person to turn on the button. After that, your natural Wisdom will be enlightened immediately. It’s too much easy. Then, you will be very noble and can be aware of your Greatness. If you feel your way, you could reach it but have to fall down many times. Your soul is the same, your Wisdom is the same, and your Buddha Nature is the same. You should know where is the button to enlighten. Do you understand?


Ruma Master



Let’s be the lightest lamp for your hometown and country. A torch can enlighten all over the world, many torches will make our country more glorious and brighter. Your practice is the happiness for your hometown in particular and for all the world and universe in general. You try to meditate; all the time think about the noble God, your Wisdom deep inside, and Bodhisattvas. “Who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl”. The more you recall God, the better you are. There will be no space for sorrow or commonplace in your mind.


Master Ruma


In the Golden age, you really have to experience inside, even when you meditate or go everywhere with your normal body, go on the river, the sea, the flight. You can see the Sunlight that covers around you, that’s your Golden age. In the Golden Age, we must have the heart, a great Love, the Utmost Wisdom to bring the Noble to every one all over the world, not only at one place.

Master Ruma


    You should spend all the time to practice. You should remind of the Master, the everlasting Buddha Nature deep inside everyday, and you will be very happy. You only know about the God’s love, do not waste time to think about the outside and the sorrow of the world or material. You put God, Bodhisattva in your mind everyday, your soul is no blank longer for the negative, or for someone who borrows your human body to gossip about the others. So, your “house” is always clean.

Master Ruma






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10. Initiation ------------------------------------------------    106

11. The key of spiritual improvement ------------------    115

12. Who is the Master? -----------------------------------   117      

13. The purpose of life ------------------------------------   129

14. The genuine disciple is the enlightened person ---   132

15. Questions & Answers ---------------------------------  148

16. Words of Wisdom -------------------------------------  151














1. The 1st historical trans- Viet. (from 14-27/3/ 2006)

2. The 2nd historical trans- Viet. (from 21-28/3/ 2006)

3. Master Tran Tam visited the Communication college – the North (20/3/ 2006)

4. Master Tran Tam visited Phu Yen  (24/4/ 2006)

5. The sufferings of a Master (3 day-retreat Soc Son, 16/9/2006)

6. Master Tran Tam visits the Communication college– the North (13/9/  2006)

7. The special show celebrated at the Communication college (13/9/  2006)

8. The 1st historical trans- Viet. (Chinese)

9. The 2nd   historical trans- Viet. (Chinese)

10. International 7-day retreat at Hanoi Capital (from 1- 7/9/2006)

11. To win yourself is to win all (Master Ruma lectured in Thanh Hoa, 10/9/2006)

12. Keeping the commandments is to create peace for the world (Master Ruma lectured in Da Nang, 18/9/2006)

13. Our mission is to set the Heaven for the world (Master Ruma lectured in Thai Binh, 8/9/2006)

14. The significance of life (Master Ruma lectured in Binh Duong, 21/9/2006)

15. The festival show celebrated at Binh Duong (21/9/2006)

16. Getting rid of the ordinary habit to find yourself again (Master Ruma lectured in Hanoi, 6/6/2007)

17. Master Ruma visited Tay Thien monastery (7/6/2007)

18. The Wonderful Sound from the kingdom of God(12/7/2007)

19. The normal life of a Master at a glance(Florida- America)

20. International 7-day retreat at Hanoi Capital (from 12- 19/6/2007)















1.The genuine disciple is the Enlightened person (Master Ruma lectured in Florida- America 25/5/2006)

2.Certification of pass in the Universe (Master Tran Tam lectured in Florida- America 25/5/2006 )

3.The marvelous favor of God in the 21st century (Master Ruma lectured in Florida- America 2/6/2006)

4.Be a pure instrument to contain the God’s power (Master Ruma lectured in Dalat 7/4/2006 )

5.Practice in liberation and live in the liberation (7 day-retreat, 1/9/2006)

6.To practice to repay the ancestor’s favor (7 day-retreat, 2/9/2006)

7.To serve others is the chance to improve spirit (7 day-retreat, 2/9/2006)

8.Power of God hidden inside us (at the Communication college, 13/9/2006)

9. The benefit of listening to a Master's teachings (T3 day-retreat, Soc Son, 14/9/2006)

10. Where is the Ultimate Truth? (3 day retreat, Soc Son, 14/9/2006)

11. Discover the noblest power available inside us (Master Ruma lectured in Beijing - China)

12. Master Ruma with the 16- chord zither (at Florida- America)




       1. The Truth in the Golden Age

       2. A free booklet

       3. The secret of practice



























The international 3 day-retreat at Da Lat city.

(From 14- 17/11/2007)




1.The path to liberation (volume 2)

2.The collection of poems: “The way to practice” – the first volume.

3.Trans- Vietnam of Master Ruma CD






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